Here Comes Pryor?


Steve Delabar was sent down to AAA today. That’s not at all surprising considering that his 5.43 FIP is fourth highest among relievers who have thrown more than 20 innings. What is more intriguing is who could be replacing Delabar. The current perception is that 6’4” 245 pound flame thrower, Stephen Pryor, will be called up to the big leagues.

Pryor has been humiliating minor league batter all year as he has posted a .64 ERA, .126 BAA, and .86 WHIP in his 16 innings in AA combined with 12 innings in AAA.

It is not certain that Pryor will be the man to step into the MLB bullpen, but there are not any other relievers in AAA that have shown the same deservingness of a call up.

There is one more obstacle between Stephen Pryor and big league baseball: the 40-man roster. He currently is not on the 40 man which means that someone needs to be taken off of the 40-man to make room for Pryor. There are a couple of names that could be removed to make room for the 22 year old fireballer such as Yoervis Medina, Mauricio Robles, Chih-Hsien Chiang, or Johermyn Chavez. Medina and Robles have both struggled in AA this year, while Chiang and Chavez are both outfielders that seem unlikely to earn a spot on the major league roster anytime soon.

Instead of removing a prospect from the 40 man roster, you could see someone like Chone Figgins released from the Mariners. Another option would be moving George Sherill to the 60 day DL to create an extra spot.

Stayed tuned to see if Pryor will be given the call to Seattle, and who he will replace.