Don’t Do That…


"News and notes…For those of you who have suggested moving Kyle Seager to short in order to see more of Alex Liddi, don’t hold your breath. Wedge once more today said that Seager was not an option at short. Not a surprise. What was a surprise was someone else he said he could put there. “I might consider playing Liddi at shortstop,” he said. “If you locked in on him in his pregame, he is all over it. All over with intensity.”-Shannon Drayer"

Oh boy.

It is no secret that I am no fan of Eric Wedge, so I am going to be careful that this doesn’t become a forum to degrade him. However, I will point out that instead of attempting to point out his defensive aptitude over at the most important position on the diamond, he uses words such as “All over it” and “Intensity”. I’m sure I can be intense at something I’m bad at. Ever seen the hunt-and-peck typer? They are pretty intensly focused on that keyboard, but I guarantee they aren’t typing 120 words per minute.

Focusing on the problem at hand, I just have to ask why? Alex Liddi is barely passable at the hot corner, and his build isn’t exactly fitting for that of a short stop. I’m not saying Seager should nesessarily play short either, but I do believe he should probably audition there before Liddi. Seager himself is no defensive wizard, but he could certainly man SS slightly better than Liddi. You can only just now start to trust Seager’s UZR, and Liddi, while his UZR is still unstable, has always comes with defensive question marks since his time in the minors.

We’ve talked about it before, I don’t believe Wedge understands how to utilize the assets provided to him. I am certain Zduriencik never intended to see Liddi take any live balls at SS. This just doesn’t make much sense at all. Liddi is barely a defender now, experiementing with him at the busiest infield position is only going to end in tragedy