Things That Have Happened Before Albert Pujols Has Hit His First Home Run


Much to the joy of Mariner fans everywhere, the Angels, and more importantly Albert Pujols, are struggling. Pujols’ power outage has stirred a me

dia frenzy, raising the question–when will he hit one?

In the mean time, here is a convivial list of things that have happened before Albert Pujols has hit his first home run.

  • Chone Figgins has hit 2 home runs.

Yes. Figgins the terrible has blasted 2 more home runs than our division rivals big off season splash. After a hot start, Figgins has turned out to be again, nothing short of terrible. But still, for a powerless utility player with a general lack of offensive skills to hit 2 big fly’s before one of the more prestigious power hitter of our era, is quite strange.

  • John Jaso, Alcides Escobar, Elvis Andrus, and Ichiro have combined for 4 home runs.

Again, four players not necessarily known for their power have a home run each. Baseball can be extremely strange.

  • There have been 2 no-hitters.

Yes. One of them the Mariners are very familiar with as Philip Humber slung his perfecto against our feeble offense. The other was yesterday as Pujols’ teammate Weaver pitched his first no-no against the against the Twins. It’s not uncommon to go a couple of years without one no-hitter, so to have two in one year in quick succession, that is mighty impressive.

  • Kyle Seager has a multi-homer game.

I know this just happened yesterday, but regardless… I don’t think anyone expected much power from Seager at all. It’s not as if Seager’s shots where cheap either, with one soaring 410ft and 105 MPH off the bat and the other only going 365ft but having an apex of 111, more of a moonshot. No one could have figured that Kyle Seager would have more home runs than Pujols at this point, let alone more than him in one game.

  • Someone hit for the cycle.

Not just someone, Scott Hairston. The cycle is about as rare as a no-hitter, so in about a week or so we should see another one. Either way, it’s been an eventful first couple of months.

Pujols is going to hit a home run, he’s probably going to hit about 20 or 30 of them, but for right now he has zero… and it’s kind of enjoyable. There is not a whole lot to learn from this post, just a light hearted piece to remind you that even when you lose 4 out of 4 against the Tampa Bay Rays, your team didn’t empty the bank on an aging home run hitter, who has yet to go deep a month into the season.