Carp Suplants Olivo… For Now.


"Outfielder Mike Carp, who has been on the disabled list since Opening Day with a sprained right shoulder, is rejoining the Mariners in Florida on Tuesday to take the roster spot created by catcher Miguel Olivo’s injury."

While it is never appropriate to hope for a player to get hurt, thank goodness that happened. With…that, the Mariners have bought themselves at  least two weeks to further delay a difficult decision.

Many of us hoped that we would see a lot less of Olivo sometime soon, though many of us wished it would come from a managerial standpoint. Do not enjoy the fact the Miguel Olivo hurt himself, do however, enjoy your two weeks of Nolivo.  I’m sure Wedge is absolutely heartbroken.

The Mariners now have time to let the situation play out. Saunders, Liddi, Seager, Wells, Jaso, and Figgins now have additional time to showcase reasons they should be allocated a roster spot. Other than just seeing less Olivo, him going down has helped the Mariners in a few other ways.

For example, the Mariners can now feasibly let go of Chone Figgins at the end of this DL stint (or upon Guti’s return) without possible ridicule because he will have been given enough time . The team could also demote either Saunders, Jaso, or Wells without ridicule because their bats will have been given a chance to cool off.

Michael Saunders by the way; who would’ve thought?

Anyways, not much to say. I’m happy and excited to see Carp back and look forward to finding out if he is the real thing. The Mariners decisions from here forward aren’t going to get any easier. They aren’t making it any easier by being so insistent upon Olivo staying on this team, but it is what it is . Olivo and Guti are going to take up two roster spots and at least one, better deserving of a roster spot is going to lose his job. But these are things I can worry about some other time. I am going to fully enjoy my Nolivo time, and hope to see Jaso dawn some catching gear here in the near future.