Adam Moore to have surgery tomorrow for righ..."/> Adam Moore to have surgery tomorrow for righ..."/>

Adam Moore Probably Hates White Rooms


"Adam Moore to have surgery tomorrow for right medial meniscus tear in knee.–Geoff Baker"

After a while you just become numb to this sort of thing. At one point, I felt terrible for Adam Moore. I couldn’t believe how unlucky he was with all these injuries and how every time he got hurt he lessened any chance he had of solidifying a future with the organization. I was and still am a huge Adam Moore fan. But after a while, you can’t continue to be let down anymore.

While injuring his wrist probably hurt his odds of making the big league club, it certainly didn’t end it. This ends it. With Jesus Montero and John Jaso already wearing Mariner blue, and a slew of younger, newer catching prospects waiting in the wings, Moore’s days with this organization are coming to a close. Surprise will not be an emotion that courses through me if I see Adam Moore among the minor league free agents next year. A rather doom and gloom prediction I know, but it’s something Adam Moore fans might have to prepare themselves for.

Adam Moore was once an intriguing bat as displayed by his 58 minor league home runs and a .303/ .367/ .481 slash line. While he has struggled in the majors, two things have kept him off the Big League Squad more than anything else. Injury and poor managerial decisions (Starting Rob Johnson).

This is the second time Moore has received this particular surgery and his third knee surgery overall.

I had such high hope for you…