Post-it notes from last nights affair


I appologize for the lack of content following last nights devastating failure. I was running on fumes to begin with and my 101.2 temperature combined with some rather disgusting pitching performances depleted this writers battery. Good news for you, you’ll recieve double the content tonight!

Last night can be described as nothing less than utter failure to capitalize. The mood going into last nights affair was cautious. I think most Mariners fans would have been happy with a couple of runs off Darvish, hoping Noesi could limit the damage so that we could attempt to get to the bullpen. Then something strange happened. The Mariners burst through the gate, sneaking away 5 runs before Darvish could even let his adrenaline settle. Darvish didn’t look good, and was having a bit of trouble locating. Suddenly the mood has changed. Our previous assumptions coming into the game had been shattered, dare we expect a win?

Not so fast.

As something that could only be described as a pitching implosion unfolded before our very eyes, reality set in. The Mariners were facing the most potent offense in the AL and once Nelson Cruz launched his game-tying rocket, it just felt over. How are we supposed to contend with this?

Baseball isn’t always fair. If it was, after a devastating loss last night, the Mariners should be able to squeak out a win tonight. Eh… I wish I could say I had discovered this for myself but I didn’t. As Jeff points out over at LL, the Mariners are a fruitful 0-48 against Feliz, all in relief. Neftali could easily be the second coming of Pedro Martinez against Seattle. Now obviously the odds of him pitching a no-no against the Mariners tonight is relatively low, but with that said the odds of the Mariners winning is rather low as well. So while it would only be fair for the Mariners to win tonight, I don’t like the odds.

Beavan v Feliz. This could get rough…