3/16 Game Notes


In attendance for this afternoons Mariners game in Tucson, AZ was none other than the person typing out this post. That’s right Kino Stadium is less than 15 minutes from my house and the experience was outstanding. First of all parking didn’t cost me a penny, the sun was out in all it’s glory, I got a Justin Smoak and Michael Saunders autographed baseball, and of course the Mariners won. Onto the game notes!

1. Felix Hernandez

I remember telling my wife after the third inning that Felix was probably not coming back out. I certainly looked foolish as Wedge gave Felix the nod for a three more innings. He certainly did everything to warrant the extra innings as he mowed down a less than stellar Brewers line-up. Felix looked dominant as he should against a second tier spring straining squad.

2. Dustin Ackley

Dustin Ackley continued an impressive spring as he went 3-3 with 3 doubles. Now, spring training stats are meaningless, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been fun to watch. Oh and that ground rule double he hit… was four feet away from me. Sometimes life isn’t fair. Needless to say the Mariners brass are parying Ackley can carry this success into the regular season.

3. Montero the catcher

There wasn’t a ton of chances for Montero to show off his catching abilities. He caught everything he was supposed to catch and since Felix kept everyone off the base paths he only had one SB attempt. He made a decent throw, he just didn’t get him. What can you do? I didn’t see anything with my inexperienced eyes that was glaring one way or the other. Guy is huge though, him and Saunders… massive human beings.

A guy could get used to all this winning; don’t spoil me Seattle. Another ST game in the books and the Mariners are sitting in 4th place in the Cactus League thus far. As always if anyone ha any questions as to anything I saw at the game today, feel free to ask.