Baseball Is Upon Us


UPDATE 9:50 AM: Line-ups posted.

Kawasaki SS
Seager 3B
Wells LF
Montero C
Peguero RF
Catricala DH
Liddi 1B
Saunders CF
Rodriguez 2B

Beavan SP


With a lackluster off-season behind us, live action baseball games are finally on hand. This was a highly anticipated event back in my Seattle life. I would snatch up my radio, plug it in on the porch, and soak in the first game of the year all the while basking the the suns rays (weather permitting of course). It was music to my ears. Present was a new year, the drought was over… Baseball was back.

Things are quite different now. While my level of excitement is perpetual, I now reside in Arizona; the 710 ESPN Seattle signal doesn’t  exactly stretch my way. I may just have to hook up a pair of speakers to the laptop and utilize the radio portion of my subscription. But enough of this digression, Baseball is here and if Spring Training no longer excites you, you’re probably in the wrong place.

Blake Beaven bears the honor of kicking off the first Seattle Mariners game of the season; Oliver Perez, Shawn Kelley, Cesar Jimenez, Steve Delabar, Chance Ruffin, and Sean Henn are additionally scheduled to pitch. Line-ups have yet to be posted, but be on the lookout for an update as soon as there is word. Baseball is irrevocably back, and at 12:05 our ears will be greeted with a symphony of much needed baseball play-by-play. Crawl out of your caves and basements my friends because our hibernation is over. Welcome back!