Comparing Prospects List


Last year I did this and it seemed to be a big hit so I thought I’d put together quick compairson of all the prospect lists out there by all the big shot analysts. I know Keith Law’s stuff is behind a paywall but the list he compiled specifically for the Mariners has been leaked by multiple sources, so I’m just not really worried about it.

Here is how things look for us.

TopMarc HuletKevin GoldsteinJohn SicklesConor GlasseyKeith Law
1Jesus MonteroTaijuan WalkerJesus MonteroJesus MonteroJesus Montero
2Taijuan WalkerDanny HultzenTaijuan WalkerTaijuan WalkerTaijuan Walker
3Danny HultzenJames PaxtonDanny HultzenDanny HultzenDanny Hultzen
4James PaxtonNick FranklinJames PaxtonJames PaxtonJames Paxton
5Nick FranklinJose CamposNick FranklinNick FranklinNick Franklin
6Francisco MartinezGuillermo PimentelVinnie CatricalaFrancisco MartinezFrancisco Martinez
7Phillips CastilloFrancisco MartinezFrancisco MartinezChance RuffinErasmo Ramirez
8Chance RuffinVinnie CatricalaAlex LiddiTom WilhelmsenVinnie Catricala
9Martin PegueroChih-Hsien ChiangPhillips CastilloVinnie CatricalaPhillips Castillo
10Vinnie CatricalaChance RuffinBrad MillerPhillips CastilloGuillermo Pimentel
11 Phillips CastilloChance Ruffin  
12 Alex LiddiGuillermo Pimentel  
13 Martin PegueroStephen Pryor  
14 Brad MillerMartin Peguero  
15 Erasmo RamirezVictor Sanchez  
16 Carter CappsTyler Marlette  
17 *Dan CortesStefen Romero  
18 Brandon MaurerCater Capps  
19 Stephen PryorErasmo Ramirez  
20 Forrest SnowJabari Blash  

The first five are pretty unanimous. Everywhere you look it’s the same thing, the one exception is Kevin Goldstein but if you switch Campos for Montero you get the same idea. So I’m doing this as a usual as the precursor to my top prospect list. I know I usually go 100 deep but this spring I only went to 50. I’ll start going into it either here in the next week or maybe sometime in March, it depends. I’ll also do a count down starting at 50 and head all the way down.

Also, back to Goldstein momentarily, Dan Cortes is #17 on his list but was released by the Mariners back in November and signed by the Washington Nationals. So that’s that.