Mariners Add Carlos Guillen


Well, the Mariners maybe “done” for the off-season but before they’ve called it quits they appear to have added Carlos Guillen on a minor league deal. This, in my mind, is not a terrible move and could even be a possible -albeit temporary – solution for third base. I know we’re going to hear lines about him being healthy and ready for a long season and blah, blah, blah. I’m not really buying into all that non-sense.

The thing to remember about Guillen, despite his age (36), is that he enables the Mariners to start a guy like Alex Liddi in the minor leagues to start the season. Liddi, had some serious issues in the winter leagues this off-season and while I don’t take the good or bad real serious in any of the leagues being dismissed is something of note. It actually brings back memories of Saunders 2010 horrible off-season down in the same situations.

It also allows the Mariners to move Figgins (as pointed out by Dave Cameron) if  the right move comes about. There is no reason to push Liddi this season. It’s important to see him make forward progress and it’s easy for him to do that in Tacoma than at the Major League level and while the team has Figgins and his versatility it gives this team some depth that doesn’t completely suck.

Another thought about Gullien is that he does has have some success against left handed pitching over his career and that would serve to protect Kyle Seager from lefties, which he’s already shown a propensity for struggling against them at pretty much all levels, and put someone in the line-up that has had moderate success in the past.

I know everyone will be clamoring for a move of Figgins in lieu of this signing. But it makes alot of sense for Figgins to stick with this team out of spring training and considering the news that he met with the youngster at Wedge’s house this off-season it wouldn’t surprise me for them to stick with him, short of being blown out of the water for his talents. Gullien may or may not represent an offensive upgrade but remember that he can get pull happy hitter and if he gets the majority of his at bats as right hander that might not end up working out the way people hope. Though, he does have the ability to go the other way.

All in all, who knows really want’s going to happen. It’s fun to speculate and I enjoy, just in general, thinking about all the roster moves that could be made. I like this roster going into spring training loads more than last year and I don’t think I’m alone on that sentiment.