The Game Of AL West Thrones


As I’ve talked about quite a bit, I’m currently deployed to Africa. And any time I’ve been deployed in the past, I’ve used that time as any responsible individual would. As an opportunity to catch up on any TV Shows or Movies that I’ve missed in the recent years. Prior to leaving out, I even pinged, friends, readers and twitter followers as to what TV shows I need to invest in during my time away. The most resounding answer I recieved was Game of Thrones.

Since, that time I’ve watched (and rewatched) this show too many times to mention. Most recently last week we rewatched the show at work while introducing it to a few guys. During which it of course started talk comparing and disecting the characters. Some how I started thinking about the current General Managers in the American League West. It might have been on one of my long walks home  Don’t ask me how I came up with this, my brain just randomly goes “Hey let’s play this game.”

So I started thinking about this and what was funny they all fell within the same family. There are some spoilers in here so if you don’t want to be surprised as you will end up eventually watching the show then don’t read the text below. And if you really haven’t already watched it, quit everything you’re doing right now and watch it.  It’s 54.99 on Blu Ray via Amazon, use some of that money you got returning christmas gifts, and go buy it.

We’ll start first and foremost with the newest General Manager in the west, Angels, Jerry Dipoto played by non-other than the teenage villian Jeoffry Baratheon.

Jerry Dipotto (Joffrey Baratheon)

Dipoto came to mind with the acquisition of Prince Fielder but his true colors were exposed with the much more pronounced aqcuisition of Chris Ianneta and then of course the trading away Jeff Mathias. This ain’t Mike Sosccia’s front office anymore! Like wise as soon as Joffry Baratheon ascending to the crown he showed everyone he was boss by killing Ned Stark. We all saw that coming but being that it was against his mothers wishes and it was his betrothed wife’s father we all held out hope that he would turn out to be a little jerk.

It’s the same way with Mathis. We all knew he needed to be traded and that Dipoto’s reign as GM was questioned on whether or not he was really in power when it came to on the field personnel decisions. Dipoto established early that there was no doubt he was in charge and while he obviously took key notes from the likes of Arte Mreno and even did what he was told on some occasions it’s without a doubt who runs that front office.

Like wise we all thought that Cersei Lannister was going to be running the crown with the help of some of the councillors that Joffery would just be a figure head, if only for the first couple of years, but Joffery established very early that he was in charge and he wasn’t going to take crap from no one. While we still have yet to fully comprehend Dipotto strengths or weaknesses we can see that we already that he’s no Tony Regains (aka a drunk king that was just plain stupid and belligerent at times).

Billy Beane (Tyrion Lannister)

When you talk about someone that doesn’t have the tools that the other GMs of this division have, it’s most obvious that you are talking about Billy Beane. A guy who is constantly scrambling and flipping players restocking his farm system and keeping things moving never to be left too far behind. Same can be said of Tyrion Lannister a man that is obviously brilliant but at the same time exposed. The thing that you constantly have to consider when deal with bother individuals is what you can’t see and what he may or may not know about a situation.

Jon Daniels (Jaime Lannister)

While Jaime is at times a little brash, he’s cunning and like all the rest of the Lannister’s exceedingly witty. While at times he miss calculates he is a master at his craft of hand to hand combat. Daniels hasn’t been fearful of making big moves and he’s not about to start caring whose toes he has to step on in making their roster better. Despite that, he still manages to keep it all together down in Texas. Jaime’s future may be the crown, but when we talk about royalty, Jon Daniels obviously has the talents and abilities to also be mentioned in the conversation as king. No doubt, we will remember him in this game for a long, long time.

Jack Zduriencik (Tywin Lannister)

The thing that is often forgot about Zduriencik is how long he has been in this game. From being apart of the Pittsbught Pirates organization during the early 90’s and the Met’s in the late 80’s. He has been apart of successful franchises more often than losing and while things aren’t looking good right now we have to remember Zduriencik’s track record and what foundation he has fought to provide this organization and that he’s done the same with other organizations.

Tywin has been apart of not just one, but two different successful revolutions and is the head of the most powerful family in the 7 kingdoms. He didn’t rise to power simply because of money. And the same will be said for Zduriencik, there is no doubt that the Mariners have some money and that in general they’ve miss spent it of late.

While it’s a silly way to evaluate these fine General Managers, let’s take a moment to realize that there isn’t a weak front office in this division. Dipotto is still a bit of an unknown and wild card, then you have to also consider (as much as most of us like him) 3 years is hardly enough time to really “grade” Zduriencik with the Mariners. That said he looks to be an above average general manager and if he can lead this team to a division title he may be around for a quite awhile.