A New Year Post


I suppose the catchy thing to do on a day like today is to write something that reflects the past year and then turn that into something witty and transform into something for next year. I’m neither witty or very good at planning out posts. He’s my worst shot.

There are about a dozen different good ideas out there on how to do a post like this. But, to be honest I sat around all night (because, you know, I work nights) thinking about what I could base a post like this on, what should we talk about from last year.

I thought I had finally form some sort of conclusion as I ran this morning. Just being done with all the junk and you know what I’m happy it’s in the past and lets just stop dwelling on it. I decided this morning that I wanted to do an Anti-New Years Day post. I’ve really become extremely agitated with how many people just sit and chosen to harp on all the negative things that have happened in the past year.

They happened, I certainly sat through my share of “why is this crap still on my TV?” moments. It was frustrating and what’s worse is we are about to unwrap a whole new year of those exact moments. But then as I sat looking through Jeff Sullivan’s pictorial year in review my mind was oddly changed.

We can all sit here and complain about all the ill conceived moves between Figgins, Bradley and even Jack Cust. How Aardsma should have been traded in the off-season and how they should have had at least one major league viable starting outfielder at some point last season. But it works in our benefit to remember that there was some really fun moments to last year.

warning there are ALOT of videos, it could take a bit for things to load.

What brought that to the forefront of my memory was this

In a season where bad and frustrating things happened frequently, this moment of serendipity, reminds us how much fun this team was at times. Where you just had to laugh and shrug your shoulders. It was these moments that found yourself cheering for this team.

No one will forget this moment any time soon:

Of course the nay sayers will say “Oh, but we lost”. Yes, we lost against Vince Worley, and put up a pathetic showing on both offense and defense, short of this spectacular moment above.

But then again we did take 2 out of 3 games from the Phillies and that to me was a really awesome feeling, including a 2 – 0 shutout by Jason Vargas.


One of the most resonating games for Carp with this organization. If you point to one of the biggest players of the year for him, I think that’s it. Not only did help the Mariners beat the Angels, it more importantly gave Felix the win in one of his most dominating games of the season.

Speaking of Felix, this game was –according to Bill James game score– his most dominate start of the year. An away game, played at home, behind the best group of local supporters and perhaps the greatest thing to come out of the teams market section since… well since the start of all those Mariner commercials.


Some fun/weird moments at the Home Run derby with Felix Hernandez and his son while being mic’d up all the while stealing some game balls.

Don’t forget about the best moment of the all-star game.

Speaking of All Stars… you also had Michael Pineda’s 10 strike out start against the Rays on “National” Television.

I know Smoak had a “tough” year, but this guy had an outrageous first two months of the year. I remember when he hit that home run and just being so elated.

There was a good share of feel good moments that surrounded this team and who knows what next year holds. It could just be a really fun year. The point being let’s try this year to dwell on some of the positives and not necessarily on all the bad.