The Man Says It Best


So we (mainly Keith and I, but Alex C jumped in there and had to give his 2 cents to the conversation) were discussing on twitter today Prince Fielder how he “fits” or doesn’t fit and the official word that the club is interested in him. It made me think about Greg John’s piece today, in which Jack Zduriencik says the following:

"“There are pieces out there,” Zduriencik said. “Obviously, everyone talks about Prince and [Albert] Pujols, but other pieces are interesting. We’ve had discussions with a lot of different scenarios, but until you engage in real dialogue, it’s hard to know where it’s going to go. Agents are still feeling things out to see where the market will be.”"

I refuse to believe that Prince Fielder is “bad” or “good” for this team as there, just like Zduriencik says, tons of different scenarios. The team could in turn trade James Paxton a long with Nick Franklin and bring in an influx of talent that is for “now” versus waiting to see these guys mature within our organization and take on the Angels and Rangers this coming year.

There are a of course many ways at which you could go about crafting the roster for next year. You can see that with the different off-season plans that have gone on in the blogosphere. Prince Fielder is just one of those many options and if you go with him and your obviously going to make different set of choices than you would if you go without him.