I Don’t Get It


So I’m just really confused. Maybe you can all explain to me why every other person that puts together an off-season plan is getting rid of either one or both, Justin Smoak and Mike Carp. It’s just weird and it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

I get the weird, wacked out trade for David Wright or Pablo Sandoval trades… we have huge holes there. But what’s the big deal at first base? Are fans really that insecure about the position heading into next year?

I get that neither one has blown the door of the barn and made people sit up and take notice. But, while Smoak wasn’t great he wasn’t bad last year and considering all the different injuries and off-the-field issues in which he was dealing with people are really questioning his abilities.

I get it, everyone thought Smoak was going to be Mark Teixeira v2.0. Even if everyone said that wouldn’t be the case. But, look while he isn’t going to be Prince Fielder it’s still reasonable with skill and age that he is still going to get better and that even in his good months we still haven’t see the ceiling to Justin Smoak.

Sure, I get the skepticism. Mariner fans have earned that much. Trading Smoak away? Not an option in my mind. Not unless this is a trade package that’s going to smack the Cliff Lee trade in the mouth.

Mike Carp, I get a bit more. I get that he’s one of the few expendable position players that actually has trade value to another team. I don’t personally like him in left field and the more and more that I’ve thought about it this off-season I’m not really sure who I’d put out there.

But much like how I talked about Vinnie Catricala, Carp’s value at the plate is only so valueable so long as there is surplus value left over from his time in the field. Fielding is going to rob his plate skills of a ton of value and while I don’t see a lot of other options it’s not hard for me to envision a few different teams that could like to see Carps bat in their line-up.

So I get a few of the Carp scenerios. But even then Mike Carp is one of the few guys on this team that can legtitimately contribute at the plate.I’m not talking about being a “middle-of-the-order” bat or anything like that. I am talking about being an above league average hitter though, and that’s something we haven’t had around the team in a while.

Maybe I’m missing the big picture. Wouldn’t be the first time. But I just don’t get all the trade for “player X” at first base for an upgrade when we have two different guys that could do the job more than adequetely. At least in my mind anyways…

Again, I realize I kind of float in my own little world.