Watching Meatballs Caused Me To Write This Piece Of Trash


I’ve been doing some thinking. Not a lot of thinking — because that’s hard stuff and plus it’s time consuming drawing upon recent past experience — just enough thinking, that it’s caused me to evaluate how I’m going to approach the 2012 season.

See there isn’t one realistic person within the state of Washington that gives the Mariners a chance in hell of making the playoffs. I mean that crazy guy that sits in front of Ivar’s doesn’t count (not talking about Geoff Baker) … (haha)… (hope you laughed too, Geoff) I mean a guy that is purely cognizant and aware of how bad this offense is.

Look, there are a lot of problems in general going forward with this organization and being a fan means taking a vested interest and concerning your time with them. We talk a lot about all the different which ways the organization can go. Joey Votto, David Wright, Prince Fielder and even some slight C.J. Wilson talk that has recently picked up and kind of weirded me out. There are a quiet a few different paths at which the front office can choose to venture and I guarantee that despite what’s done it’s not going to leave an “Well that does it, the Mariners are going to win the 2012 AL West division” feeling in your mouth (such a feeling would be kind of weird, right?).

So with that said and there being a ton of different directions all of which are positive and hopefully lead to a good start and a chance at 2013 being “the year” I suggest you adopt this as your new slogan in 2012: IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER.

Look, it doesn’t. We aren’t going to win championships; we aren’t going to look good while losing, and we’re probably going to have another offense that produces fewer than 600 runs. Let’s have some fun this year, as fans. Let’s really just mess with some of our division rivals this year. Let’ be riotous and when we aren’t being blown out and have an excuse to cheer, go crazy.

We got some guys that are going to give their all and I despite what everyone says, think a core of Wells, Carp, Smoak and Ackley is a good start. They may have found more in other pieces in minor leagues, we just don’t know yet there is more time needed, and as Keith Law has pointed out himself in a few different venues the Mariners have the potential to show case the best 5 home grown hurlers in all of major league baseball.

We’re headed down the right track and while I’m going to write about Miguel Olivo in a second and the fact he’s a total bag of suck, let’s not get too preoccupied this off-season because ultimately this season JUST DOESN’T MATTER. Not yet anyways.