Off-Season Speak And Random Mutterings


Okay, I’m kind of a day late and dollar short on this post. About two weeks ago Carson Cistulli put out to fangraphs readers that they would be crowd sourcing upcoming free-agents by position. Of course after the announcement was made I of course became sidetracked with about a dozen other oddities and well…forget it, I just dropped the ball, pure and simple.

But, I really wanted to take time and mention what fangraphs is doing because A) I really love the idea of using a mass group of people to determine a median baseline. The idea isn’t original and I’m in no way implying it is — Tom Tango has done it the last couple of years with his Fan Scouting Reports — but overall it’s just a brilliant idea. B) This is gives us (me, specifically) a rough idea of how to gauge free-agent contracts. This will come in handy when I do my “King-for-a-day: Off-Season edition” post.

Anyways, I encourage you head out there and check out the posts, even contribute if there are any real threads left to do so.

While I’m feeling rather impersonally, I do have a small announcement to make. Both Adam Wong and Alex Carson have moved onto new diggs over at Prospect Insider. Sad to see them take their talents else were, but at least as the reader you can continue reading their published content.

As for future on content for this site, I’ll be working on a few MLB Draft pieces in the next week as well as the aforementioned “King for a day” post. I’m sure you could all careless what I would specifically do this off-season but it’s always fun to be right about a specific player you wish your team would go after and then spend all next season complaining about it. Likewise, if you are wrong, hey you’re just a stupid fan what do you know.

It’s one of those unique win-win situations.

Speaking of which, I should really do an obligatory shadow draft update with all this draft talk. I’ve been looking at some of the spending numbers and its quiet interesting to compare my thoughts for 2010 and 2011 draft with what Tom McNamara and company did.

All that and more coming your way over the next week, stay tuned