Theo Epstein to Cubs, Why it Could Matter to M’s


Theo Epstein is apparently being cut loose by the Boston Red Sox so he can take a job as General Manager and perhaps President of the Chicago Cubs.

This here is a Mariners blog, so why does it matter to me or you aside from being mildly interesting?

Per Cot’s, the Cubs payroll obligation for 2012 is only $72.6 million, down from 2011’s checks that totaled $134 million. In 2013, it sinks below $30 million. The Cubs don’t have a spectacular farm system, but they have a lot of room to play coming up.

I could be off base, but I don’t think the Cubs are bringing Epstein in to re-sign Carlos Pena. There will be two big-name first baseman on the market and you have to figure that with the potential payroll flexibility Theo will have, he’s going to go after them.

He’s not going to stop there, though.

The Mariners have needs outside of first base off course. Third base. Left field. Catcher. The Mariners need a big bat. You’ve heard this from lots of people, yes?

We know about Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder and the (lack of) possibilities of each coming to Seattle. There will be other players at other positions, though. Unfortunately, the Cubs may want them, too. They were pretty lousy in 2011, too.

So, by my interpretation, the Cubs have made a move that says they intend to spend money. Spend it now and spend in the future.

Unless Mariners’ ownership ponies up some new cash, I fear this is just one more indication that the Seattle Mariners will be dumpster diving yet again.

Please, work a miracle, Jack.