Mariners Salvage Series With Evil Empire


Why do people call the Yankees the “evil empire” anyway? What have they done, as a baseball club, that was so evil?

They play in the biggest market in the country, have money falling out of their ears and consistently put a good product on the field while breaking no rules. Baseball’s competitive structure is broken, but if you’re in the business to win more games than other teams and have the means to do so, shouldn’t you? Aren’t they just good at their business?

So, last night! Mariners win! Funk blast! Huzzah!

I woke up this morning thinking that it had been Trayvon Robinson that hit the walk off ding-donger. I have no idea why, since it wasn’t Robinson but Luis Rodriguez. Perhaps I just wanted someone who potentially has a future with the club to have done it.

That being said, L-Rod had a night. After two doubles earlier and the benefit of three extra innings, he finished the evening with three extra base knocks. I think there could be a useful role player hiding in there and I’d have much rather gave Jack Wilson‘s at bats to him to find out. Oh well.

Some out-of-order game thoughts:

  • Who put Ryan Langerhans in a Luis Rodriguez jersey? We’ve only got one walker-offer ’round these parts.
  • When the ninth inning ended, my clock said something like 9:46. Yeah, as if a Yankees game would go under three hours.
  • Kyle Seager may have had the ugliest slide of all time. Or, at least in all time of my viewing. Or, the best belly flop on a baseball diamond of all time.
  • If you saw Jesus Montero‘s strikeout swing, you’ll not only forget how bad Beltre used to look but you’ll likely never question the Mariners opting for Justin Smoak. Will Smoak hit tons of majestic bombs? Probably not. But if I’m a betting man, I’d put my money on Smoak’s overall value ending up better.
  • Justin Smoak left the game with a groin strain. Ouch. With Mike Carp in left field, Eric Wedge opted to leave him out there and bring Adam Kennedy in to play first. Michael Saunders and Casper Wells say hello, Eric.
  • So, basically, just be the backup shortstop to Brendan Ryan if you want quick success, right?
  • I wonder if Tom Wilhelmsen served the beer to shower Steve Delabar with after his first big league dubya.
  • Luis Rodriguez’s mother, Luisa, was in attendance. It would be weird if my mom’s name was Alexa. Not as weird, though, if Harrison’s mom’s name was Harrisona.

Today is your last day off from Mariners baseball until you get something like 152 days off from Mariners baseball. Spend it wisely!