Remembering How Lucky We’ve Been


I’ll just going to steal a line from Dave Cameron, because there’s simply no better way to put it:

Happy Felix Day.

You know, the Mariners haven’t been very good for about a decade. That sucks. We shouldn’t take for granted, though, the things we’ve been so lucky to have during that span. Ichiro. Cliff. Ackley. More than all the others, perhaps, Felix.

Stephen Strasburg was called the “best prospect ever” by some. That statement has some subjective observations, but the anticipation for Strasburg is indisputable. Felix, while a phenom in his own right, wasn’t a number one draft pick. He wasn’t under the same microscope from his first minor league start. He didn’t have the pageantry of a nationally televised debut that set records.

You know what, though? So what.

Strasburg turns 24 next season. When Felix turned 24, he had 4.5 seasons under his belt. He had a Cy Young runner up. He had established himself as one of the game’s best hurlers. Emphasis on the word “established.” Not prospect, not upside, not potential. Established.

You can have your best prospect ever, Washington. We’ve got, and have had, King Felix.

Tonight’s Lineup:

L-9 Ichiro
R-6 Ryan
L-4 Ackley
L-D Carp
S-3 Smoak
R-2 Olivo
L-5 Seager
S-7 Robinson
L-8 Saunders

Michael Saunders is back and playing center for Guti. Please be better this time, Mike.