Series Preview: Angels at Mariners


The Mariners won three of four games in Cleveland, gaining a game in the standings. The Mariners then were swept in a three game series at home, losing a game in the standings. They sit 18.5 games behind the Rangers right now.

I’m telling you, if the neither the Angels or Rangers want this damn division, we’ll take it. There’s no need to be ungrateful. So, we shall see a four game sweep this week. You’re next, Texas.

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The Angels hit better, field better and pitch better than the Mariners. The Carsoncalc says says their manager is a whole lot better, too. I tend to agree on all counts.

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It’s kind of weird that the Mariners have a four game series and with no Michael Pineda, Doug Fister or Erik Bardard going, I’m still glad Vargas isn’t one of the guys going in the set. I think Vargas has had some pretty bad luck and stands to get better, but his second half has been a disaster. My eyes need a break from his pitching.

In the second game of the series, I’m likely to be passed out by the third inning. Anthony Vasquez bores me to death. Not literally, because I’m still alive and typing this. He’s just really, really uninteresting. I would probably rather watch Jose Canseco pitch while he tweets threats to his ex.

Thank goodness Felix is pitching in this series.

I’m thinking about going to the King’s Court on Wednesday. It could be one of the last chances this season to do one of the few fun things a Mariners game has offered this season. Then again, Dan Haren has been pretty good. There’s a solid chance I drop 30 bucks to see awesome Felix get hosed by not-awesome Mariners hitters.

Hey, Charlie. There’s always your next start.