Playing Spoiler


Why is playing spoiler so awesome?

I mean, what did Cleveland fans ever do to us? What did Cleveland players ever do to us? Sure, their stadium has a lot of bugs and their weather has caused our baseball players extra travel. But these people never called my mom fat or said my dog is ugly.

I don’t know why this is awesome, but it just feels so good.

After losing three-of-four to the Mariners and their sluggers, the Indians sit six games behind the Tigers in the AL Central. Coming up, the M’s can do some damage to the White Sox, who are 6.5 behind those same Bengals.

Starting on Monday, the M’s have four games against the Angels, who sit two-and-a-half behind the Rangers in our very own AL West. After a three-game set with the Athletics, the Mariners immediately get another three with the Angels.

After four games with the Royals, it’s three with the Yankees and then three with the Rangers. There’s a quick one-game visit to Cleveland and another three in Texas this month, too.

So, counting the Indians series that just wrapped up, the Mariners play 24 out of 37 of their final games (65%) against teams that are in the divisional races (the AL East has a big lead in the wild card).

Some of you might be thinking: “Holy poop. How are the M’s going to avoid 90 losses?”

You’re probably right. But along the way, I hope we can take some others down with our ship, too. Haha. How immature of me.