Athlete Apologies in the Information Age


There was a time where people interacted verbally. Professional athletes were included in this, regardless of their status as celebrities. They might send a clubby over to ask a guy out for a cocktail so they could chat. Or, if both teams were being whisked away for flights, he’d at least make a phone call.

Those times weren’t that long ago, and the information age has quickly swallowed athletes into the depths of its cold non-personable pit of doom.

Last night, Brandon Morrow would have knocked Pinnochio’s nose clean off. As luck would have it, Casper Wells has a much shorter nose. Because of that, Morrow’s high-heat only caught a small bit of Wells. It probably still hurt and scared the crap out of him, though.

So Morrow, being the class act he is, offered Casper some kind words over the twitter.

"Casper, sorry about the pitch that got away tonight. I’m glad it didn’t get you too bad. Enjoy Seattle, it’s a great city"

Hey! What a swell guy. Wells would have to respond to that, obviously.

"no worries man. Just grazed the schnaz a little bit, nothing serious. And Seattle is amazing."

There you have it. Morrow loves Seattle and tweeting. Casper loves Seattle and tweeting.

I’ve tweeted Wells twice, and have not been responded to. He’s a busy man, so I hold no grudge.

I will, however, be over in the corner working on my 97 MPH fastball so that my third attempt is a charm.