MLB Draft Deadline Day


So the Mariners go into today with a few different key draftees still unsigned. The reality is that they won’t sign them all but there is still some positive signs that the important ones, such as Danny Hultzen, will still sign. Let’s take a look at some of the few different draftees that are still unsigned and who are likely to sign before tomorrow nights deadline.

Danny Hultzen – HE.WILL.SIGN. It’s pretty normal for 1st round draft picks to not sign until the last minute. It’s how they leverage the most amount of money. Last year when Taijuan Walker signed in the middle of June it was extremely unusual though big props to the guys for getting it done. Hultzen is far more difficult, though I’m pretty certain that he’ll sign. Prediction: He will sign.

Bradley Miller – This is the highest I could conceive Miller gets drafted. He isn’t going to get more money than what is on the table right now. He could go back to school but there just doesn’t seem to be much logic in that. Prediction: He’ll signed.

Kevin Cron – Cron is the type of talent that “dropped” to the third round. He’s a first round talent even in a loaded draft like this one. But, much like Ryne Stanek before him, he dropped due to signability concerns. He has a strong commitment to TCU and I’m not sure if the Mariners have the money available to them to buy him out of it. But, should they bring him in it would be a HUGE get. Prediction: He won’t sign.

Carson Smith – I’m really surprised that Smith hasn’t signed yet but he was a 3rd round/4th round talent on my board (I’m a HUGE, HUGE fan of his). So I think he’s likely trying to get 2nd round bonus money but may end up with 3rd round money. But, that said he could head back to school he’s only a Junior. So, he has leverage but I really just can’t see him not signing. Prediction: He’ll sign.

Cavan Cohoes – Cohoes is the shortstop who lived on a military base in Germany. While he was a surprising pick his talent is enough to warrant a free ride to Ohio State. If the Mariners want this guy they are going to have to give up top round money. I don’t see them doing that right now. Prediction: He doesn’t sign

Tanner Chleborad – one of my favorite +20 round draftees. He’s 6’5 with good size projectable frame and good, repeatable, mechanics. If he was a draft pick with another organization say Boston, New York or even Toronto or Tampa (I didn’t mean to go all AL East there) he’d sign. But the Mariners don’t often over pay 20+ round guys even if they are possible future talents. I’d be really excited if the Mariners signed him. I just don’t think it happens. Prediction: He doesn’t sign

Keone Kela – I complain about the Mariners and their lack of scouting out northwest talent but Kela kind of reminds me of their 9th round pick Luke Taylor last year. He’s pretty raw but doesn’t have near Taylor’s size. I think Kela goes to college and I think that’s the best move for him right now. Prediction: He doesn’t sign

Ryan Hawthorne – A center fielder who is mildly interesting. He’s got a few tools and while it’s possible the Mariners could sign him I think it’s best for both parties that Hawthorne heads tot junior college. He’ll be able to show off his skills and move up the on the radar a bit. Prediction: He doesn’t sign.

Taylor Brennan – A local guy with youth on his side as a draftable sophomore in Community College and a lot of people liked him coming into the season. But he threw up about 20+ lbs of muscle and lost mobility while moving to second base. I think this was a draft and follow for the Mariners. In the sense that they drafted him and than wanted to see what he’d do in the summer leagues.  He was thought of pretty highly of as of 2009 and I hope to see him come into the organization. Prediction: He doesn’t sign

I do think they will sign at least one of the high schoolers that are on this list. Which one is anyones guess but I tend to believe they will do what they did to Shipers and Stanek last year. “Here is the deal, we can’t sign both of you. First to take the money wins.”

I put the over/under on signings for the Mariners at 4.