Mariners Chase Ogando, Realize Bullying Is Mean


Being led on is not very fun.  When someone you’re interested in strings you along, and makes you think that there’s a chance, it doesn’t feel good.  If your boss teases a promotion, but it never comes to fruition, it doesn’t feel good.  There are certain unspoken societal manners that most people abide by-No one likes to be led on.  The Mariners led us on tonight.  After scoring two runs in the first, things were looking good.  After tacking on another run via a Kyle Seager double-play grounder in the 2nd inning, things were looking better.  And then the Mariners chased Alexi Ogando out of the game by knocking in three runs in the third, things were looking great!  How about some offense, Mariners, this is what we’ve been looking for!

But, no.  We don’t get to celebrate a win.  One thing that you have to be content with as a Mariners fan is blowing leads. Another thing you have to be content with as a Mariners fan is their intermittent offense. Today, Mariners fans get to be both content with a blown lead and an intermittent offense.  They couldn’t scratch a run across after the 3rd inning.  Lueke started the meltdown process.  Jeff Gray didn’t help any.  At least now Gray and Wilhelmsen have something to talk about.

  • Pineda got rocked for three earned runs in the first two innings. After that, he settled down. He sort of looked like the Pineda of earlier in the season. He retired 8 Rangers in a row, and set down 13 of the last 14 batters he faced. He was looking like a rookie still feeling his way around the league. That’s okay, I want that. I want Pineda to search for himself. He’s got to find who he is as a pitcher. Also, not pitching since July 30th might’ve contributed to the rust. If limiting Pineda’s innings will help him keep his sheen, keep him ready for the future, I’m okay with seeing less of him the rest of the season.
  • The Rangers bullpen is really good.  The combination of Mike Adams and Feliz at the back is just unfair.  Also, they kept the Mariners off the board for six innings.  And then there’s Yoshinori Tateyama.  Who is that?  After doing some research, I think he is the Ranger’s Jamey Wright.
  • Miguel Olivo stole a base.  Adam Wong chuckled.

If the Mariners win tomorrow, I’ll buy myself a nice dinner.  If they lose, I’ll still buy myself a nice dinner, because I don’t like to be hungry.

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