Fresh Starts and Improvements


Hi, I’m Alex Carson. I’ll be writing on this here blog.

Whenever I start a new venture, it’s important to make sure I start with a clean slate and that my new partners, co-workers or, in this case, audience isn’t able to find out about my past if I had done something that could be frowned upon. You don’t want a freely available tool such as Google to allow the masses to uncover those things.

When punching my name into Google, you may be disappointed to find out that I am not the female model that goes by the same name. I don’t find her exceptionally attractive, though, so it’s not as if I’m here to tell you that I’m the other Jean Seberg.

I didn’t get any cash from the sale of Johnny Carson’s Malibu estate, I don’t own a domain that uses my name and none of the social networking accounts belong to me.

Yeah, you’ll finally find me in the form of my writer profile at a site many folks look at in a negative light, but so what? The MLB leadership there isn’t all that bad and there are several talented writers there honing their craft, even if the overall quality of the site isn’t something I’m proud to have been lumped into.

But, hey! I don’t have to do slide shows anymore. I don’t have to weed through articles about WAGs. I don’t have to see another “trade rumor” claiming Felix would be traded to the Yankees at any given moment because it’s the only sensible thing for Jack Zduriencik to do.

So here’s to a clean slate born from change. A fresh start. Making good with what we have and improving every single day.

Much like these Seattle Mariners.

Twitter: @alexcarson