Trade Deadline Looming, Few Rumors to Report


With the trade deadline only 3 hours away, there is little to report. I will keep this post updated as things come in. There are only 2 significant things to report.

  • There’s been lots of teams calling about Brandon League, but the Mariners seem very reluctant to move him. I expect a team will have to make the M’s an amazing offer for him to be traded at this point. Personally I don’t like that. League shouldn’t be that hard to let go of.
  • The Cardinals, Red Sox and an unidentified team are all in the running for Erik Bedard, with the talks with the Cardinals being the furthest along. No idea who the mystery team is at this point, but I’m trying to find that out still.

Update 10:25 am

It seems the mystery team that is pursuing the services of Erik Bedard is the Yankees. I can’t say I’m surprised in the very least. The Yankees need pitching, and have been known to overpay to stop the Red Sox from getting the pieces they need.

Update 10:42 am

Have the Yankees moved on? It would seem so, as they’re in pretty extensive talks right now for Wandy Rodriguez of the Astros.

Also, last I heard the talk with the Cardinals have cooled off a bit. They are contemplating the latest proposal from the Mariners, and don’t seem to want to pull the trigger just yet.

It’s amazing how fast this stuff keeps changing this morning.

Update 12:18 pm

I keep hearing Bedard to the Cardinals over and over… but no new details to report. I wonder what happened to the Red Sox in this.

One person in the know suggested that until Heath Bell is moved by the Padres, Brandon League wont be in play. The M’s are expecting a big haul in order to let go of League, and with Bell on the market no team seems willing to offer up what the M’s are asking for.

I also go word that a team is talking to the M’s about a player other than Bedard and League. I have no idea what team, or what player, which makes that report absolutely worthless. I just thought I’d pass it along so you could wish you hadn’t spent the 3 seconds it took to read this paragraph. Nice of me, huh?

Update 12:27 pm

No sooner than I’d posted that last update did I find word that the Indians are now the frontrunner for Wandy Rodriguez. What does that mean for the Yankees? Do they get back in on the Bedard front?

Update 12:49 pm

EPSN Jason Stark says the Astros are done making moves, so Wandy is going no where. The M’s now have 11 minutes to take advantage of the fact that Bedard now seems to be the best available starting pitcher.

Update 12:52 pm

Update 12:54 pm

Update 1:01 pm

Deadline is passed. no more rumors to follow. still have wait for final details on this though:

Update 1:03 pm

Update 1:03 pm

The deal is a 3 team deal. the AA catching prospect is headed to the Dodgers, Bedard to the Red Sox, no idea who’s coming to Seattle yet, or who else teh M’s might be sending to LA. Stay tuned.