Trying To Keep Up With The Rumors


First 3 thing we know:

  1. Aaron Laffey was sent to Tacoma. What we don’t know is why. I’ve heard everything from he’s being converted to a starter to just needing another pitcher since the entire bullpen was blown last night.
  2. Dan Cortez was called up. Not all that surprising. He was going to get brought back up soon no matter what happened.
  3. Erik Bedard had his worst outing of the season at the worst time. He lasted just 4 outs and gave up 6 runs. His “stuff” was good; fastball at 93 and good movement on all his pitches, but be had no control whatsoever. It’s hard to say how much this hurt his value. While most people would assume it hurt really hurt his value, I’m not so sure. Word is that the M’s rushed him back too quickly to get him in this pre-deadline game, so this needs to be considered his first “rehab” start, and that most scouts we impressed by his stuff. We’ll see.

What we’ve heard, but don’t know for sure:

  1. The Tigers really want Doug Fister. They’re also are looking for a reliever, and Jamey Wright, Chris Ray Brandon League and even David Pauley’s names have been mentioned. No idea what would be coming back this way in a trade though, and considering Fister is cheep under team control until 2015, it will have to be a lot.
  2. Boston is interested in Jason Vargas, but he is a fall-back option for them. Erik Bedard has also been connected to Boston.