Doug Fister Traded?


Early reports are indicating that Doug Fister along with David Pauley have been traded to the Tigers. This is a really interesting move and if they DID in fact receive Charlie Furbush I’m in fact ecstatic.

I like Furbush A LOT and as a lefty he fits really well into this rotation, though he may not be ready just yet. Thus the reason for Beavan sticking around.

Okay the trade comprises Charlie Furbush, Casper Wells and a third guy still not identified.

UPDATE: 10:25 AM

I’m not a big Casper Wells fan as I’ve tweeted a few times I had held out hopes that they got Andy Dirks. But, as some have told me (thanks John) Wells has a higher ceiling with solid power and good defense. Baseball America actually rated his arm the best out field arm in the organization coming into this year 2011.

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Wells is a little old (26) to be considered a prospect, but he’s someone that could be interesting. I don’t love that he’s right handed and I feel like there was more value to gain from Fister than what we got but at the same time having Beavan helps make up for his loss.

UPDATE: 10:40

So the third guy in this trade is that of Francisco Martinez.

"Martinez’s grade and placement on this list isn’t so much because of what he did in 2010 (his line was league average at .271/.329/.353) but because of his future ability. Martinez is a true five tool talent, with good power potential and a good hit tool. He projects well defensively, with a good arm and soft hands. He also has reasonable patience and control of the strike zone for his age: while he struck out in 19% of the at bats he also walked in 7.5%. If those ratios continue to improve and Martinez can develop, he might land up starting in Detroit. But it’ll be a few years. ETA 2014.– Bless You Boys, David Tokarz"

This is the real piece going forward. I love Furbush and his come back from Tommy John surgery. Any other organization he’d be a back-of-the-rotation starter but I think his stuff plays up much better in Seattle.

That said Martinez gets us someone that can potentially hit and hit very well. His stat line in AA is pedestrian. But he’s only 20 years old and just like every other prospect in the Detroit system he’s been aggressively pushed. Seattle will give him time to settle in at a level and perform well.

UPDATE 11:00

Getting an endorsement from Badler is nice. He’s extremely knowledgeable among the Latin minor league players and being at Baseball America he has a lot of different contacts and resources.