Marcus Littlewood And What We know…


A smart person once said write what you know and as someone recently reminded me I don’t really know all that much about Littlewood.

I’ve seen a little bit of mixed reviews about the move and while I really don’t have anything to add (good or bad) I’d like to point out that the Mariners do have decent minor league shortstop dept.

Currently they have Carlos Triunfel, Nick Franklin, Martin Peguero and possibly Bradley Miller if (more of when) he signs. Now, one could debate the reliability of each player and whether or not any of them are able to stick long term at the position once (if) they make the big leagues.

But, they all could have ceilings of at the very least being average major league shortstops.

Not even the biggest prospect guru could/can foretell what’s in a prospect’s future. Ryan Braun could’t stick at third, and yet Cal Ripken Jr. played more than 3/4 of his Iron Man streak at shortstop. Miguel Cabrera was originally a shortstop and yet Miguel Tejeda has stuck there for 90% of his career. Who knows what two years down the road really holds for the depth chart of this club.

What we do know the following is that the organization sees potential in Littlewood as a catcher and he is already working with Roger Hansen (the organization catching coordinator).

We can also see that the organization feels that Nick Franklin is possibly more capable of being a major league shortstop than that of Carlos Triunfel. This isn’t a shocker this is what we know and knowing is half the battle.

Don’t forget this team also has the likes of Gabriel Noriega, who some prospect analysis liked as recently as two years ago. He’s picked it up over the last month but his season line is rather awful.

Sometime’s it’s important to refresh the details of what things we know.