From Stem to Stern: Losing games north of the border


Does the current exchange rate between the US and Canada mean that getting swept Blue Jays only counts as 2.5 losses? If not, than the losing streak just reached 12, just 2 shy of the franchise record for futility. At least the offense picked things up in Toronto. They scored 16 runs over the 3 games. Too bad the pitching couldn’t get the job done.

Captain: Brendan Ryan (8 of 15 with 2BB, 2 doubles and a HR)
Walkin the Plank: Jason Vargas (just 3 IP with 5 BB, 5 ER and 0 SO)
Impressive: Mike Carp (4 of 10 with 2 doubles)
Depressing: Franklin Gutierrez (just 1 of 12 in the series)

Extra innings

The most notable aspect of the series opener was that it went 14 innings. With starter Michael Pineda only lasting 6.1, this is the type of game that can really hurt. Luckily, Jeff Grey and David Pauley combined to eat up 5.1 scoreless innings, which saved part of the bullpen so it could manage to cover 6 innings the following night after the latest Vargas meltdown.

Another Vargas Whacking 

I’m getting tired of writing this. This is only my second series recap, and its the second time I’ve had to mention Vargas getting shelled. His pitch map actually looks a little better than last time, but he was still located around the center the plate far too often. He was also way outside the zone too often, hence the 5 walks in just 3 innings.

Senior Night

In the final game of the series manager Eric Wedge decided to try and end the losing streak by playing as many veteran players as possible. This included Chone Figgins in left field, and Josh Bard at DH. It didn’t work, though the team did score 5 runs, including 4 on a grand slam by Miguel Olivo. I hope this is the last we see of this particular lineup. I could do without seeing Bard at DH again, especially if that means a good hitter like Dustin Ackley is sitting on the bench.