My Turn: “King” for a day


Obviously, this is my version of Harrison’s “King for a Day” post. Clearly I don’t know the minor league systems of the rest of the league the way Harrison does, so don’t take this too seriously. It’s just for fun.

Mariners trade Jack Wilson and $1.5 million to the Phillies for Tuffy Gosewisch

Jack Wilson makes perfect sense for the Phillies, who have both Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins who have battle injuries recently and could use more off days. They also have plenty of offense, so Wilson wont be too much a liability there.

Gosewisch isn’t a prospect anymore. He’s 27 and still in AA. Still, the M’s need some catching depth in the organization and he fills a need.

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AA (3 seasons)83372587183461189577133.252.335.393.728
A+ (2 seasons)7136357014933112735599.235.304.346.651
A (1 season)38133952762425452969.224.296.351.647
A- (1 season)403829100526.
AAA (1 season)57556113001213.

Mariners Trade Adam Kennedy to the Braves for Jordan Kreke

Kreke is a light hitting shortstop prospect that has move fairly quickly through the Braves system, who can also play second and third. He profiles as a good multi-positional infielder. He’s a slick fielder, and has the size (6-1, 205) to develop more power as he learns the game.

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Mariners trade Erik Bedard to the Yankees,  Carlos Peguro, Blake Beavan, and Carlos Triunfel to the Dodgers. Yankees send Jesus Montero to the Dodgers. Dodgers send Matt Kemp to the Mariners.

This is my big “buy” trade. Kemp is a power hitting left fielder and would step in an instantly be the team’s best hitter.Kemp is also under team control in 2012, filling one of the big needs that would have to be addressed before the 2012 season. While the loss of Triunfel and Bedard is significant, the arrival of Kreke and Zito offset the losses.

The Yankees get their much needed pitching upgrade, while the bankrupt Dodgers get some salary relief while bringing in some good minor league prospects.

Mariners trade Chone Figgins and Jamey Wright to the Giants for LHP Barry Zito and $25 million

This trade idea was big enough for it’s own blog post. Find it HERE.

So there, you have it. In my world, the M’s trade away 3 of their unused infielders for mostly insignificant pieces, and make one “splash” to bring in a much needed bat.