Smoak Splits


I don’t usually post much on Sunday. I try to keep it to Church and family. Once in awhile I’ll post some stuff on twitter.

People began talking about Smoak and him being moved somewhere else in the batting order. Here is how he current breaks down.

Batting 3rd150307071730.227.320.43958513.24210191
Batting 4th669400914.164.273.23613100.2093832
Batting 5th120299051625.284.375.52053201.324137142

I’m not really big into line-up order and players needing to hit in specific positions so long as they can produce. I generally account stuff like struggles in specific positions, such as this, to mental issues. I think that’s important to look at the BABIP and see that some of this is luck driven.

I get that Smoak has struggled immensely but I don’t buy into the fact he needs to be moved out of the whole. His LD% over the last few months has steadily increased while his BABIP has decreased. See below.


Smoak to a degree has swung at some bat pitches and put himself in bad situations but to another degree he has just had some bad luck. The Mariners don’t need to be shuffling their already ravaged offense, they just need to give these guys some time to work things out.

I think Smoak is going to come out of this slump and in a big way, hopefully that happens soon.