A Daily Read


So going throw the daily links this struck me as excellent and I really wanted to share it for those 2 or 3 people that read our blog that don’t read Lookout Landing.

"I get that the threat of a home run exists, but with other players there exists a lesser threat that they’ll make an out three-quarters of the time.– Jeff Sullivan, Lookout Landing"

Even those of you that read L/L, sometimes things get over looked and it’s important to sometimes reemphasize how good something is.

We’ve all talked about it here on our blog but it’s just nice to see something that just encompasses a complete thought that I don’t think I, nor anyone else here, has put it in such an efficient way that just makes sense.

Home runs aren’t everything. I know that there are specific members of the media that make a point of saying that the Mariners need more of it to “protect” guys like Smoak or Ichiro or Ackley in the line-up but the fact is that what is important is outs and to the effect that you don’t make them.

Carlos Peguero doesn’t just make outs he makes bad outs. Maybe, there is no such thing as “good” out but there are certainly effective ones and striking out 30+% of the time does not fall into that category.

I’m not the smartest guy in the world and I’m constantly learning new things. But I just don’t understand how you can compare two players of Carlos Peguero and Mike Carp and come up with Carlos Peguero being the better player.