Mariners International Free-Agency 2011: Part II


Alright I know I said I was going to put this up like two weeks ago but life happened and as such it got delayed. I hoped to have some inside information with that delay but unfortunately nothing has really come to fruition.

Most of the information that I had has since been leaked by various sources so nothing really is surprising but for anyone that hasn’t heard any information on the talents available for the start of the International Free Agency (which opens tomorrow with the July 2nd signing day) this will be kind of a good primer.

So lets take a look at some of the names.

Antonia Senzatela, RHP  – Venezuela: A 16 year old that sits in the 80s-low 90s with a decent curve. He’s so far been linked to the Rockies.

Elier Hernandez, OF – Dominican Republic: One of the top tier hitters available this IFA season. He’s been tied to the Mariners but it’s widely thought that the Royals have the best chance to sign him.

Erick Urtado, LHP – Dominican Republic: In my opinoin, Urtado is the top left hander available. At   16 yrs and standing 6-4, he has a fastball in the 89-90 range that has touched as high as 93 from what I’ve heard.

Franmil Reyes, OF – Dominican Republic: MVP of the recent Dominican Prospect League (DPL) and yet won’t even be signable (because he’s only 15, not yet 16) until July 7th. Though the word is that the Mariners do have interests as well as the Rangers. He’s already 6’4 and 175 lbs. He could be a monster.

Hersin Martinez, OF – Dominican Republic: I’ve heard a few places that he’s on the Mariners radar. He’s got oodles of power, a lightening quick swing and is the winner of the DPL home run derby back in May.

Jose Ruiz,  C – Venezuela: One of the better catchers available in the IFA season. He has all the tools to stay there with quick feet and an above average throwing arm. He also has shown some raw power too.

Ronald Guzman, OF – Dominican Republic: Considered by many to be the best bat available in this class. A pure hitter with above average raw power and an advanced approach to the plate. Debuted his skills along side many first rounders at Wrigley field in the Under-Armour All-America game and still won’t turn 17 until October. The Rangers, Blue Jays and Red Sox have all been connect in some way with him.

Manuel Marcos, OF – Dominican Republic: One of the top defensive center fielders in the market he’s currently being courted by both the Yankees and Red Sox. He’s been described as a power/speed guy with his power being more gap-to-gap.

Mark Malave, C – Venezuela: The top catcher in this year’s IFA circuit, Malave is a guy that really interests me. He’s not as polished defensively behind the plate as Ruiz, but his switch hitting skills are considered legit. He’s a great hitter with gap power and as a former shortstop profiles an above average arm. In recent news it appears the Cubs are the most connected with Malave.

Nomar Mazara, OF – Dominican Republic: I don’t know if Mazara has the “best” power in the class but the adjustives by various agencies and people I’ve talked have raved about it. He’s a guy that’s been on a lot of radars for quiet a length of time. I’m sure he has his fair share of suiters though I have no idea who they are.

Victor Sanchez, RHP – Venezuela: Considered by a few different people as the best available pitcher and is also the last guy that I know that the Mariners are connected too. Bed Badler writes as though him signing with Seattle is a forgone conclusion which excites me. There is a lot of hype over his 94 mph fastball (at 16) between the straight velocity and the movement. Plenty of talk also surrounds his maturity as a pitcher and his “pitchability”.

Roberto Osuna, RHP – Mexico: Nephew to former Dodgers big leaguer Antonio Osuna. He’s considered one of the top arms along with Sanchez. His stuff isn’t quiet at the level of Sanchez but he does have experience as the 15 year old is currently playing professional in the Mexican League (which is close to AAA caliber ball). His stats aren’t great but the average age (29.6) is  nearly twice his age. The Yankees as well as the Red Sox and a few other teams are closing in on Osuna.

Roniel Demorizi, SS – Dominican Republic: Youngest eligible signee doesn’t even turn 16 until the 17th of July. But profiles to be one of the top tier defensive position players and is perhaps the best shortstops available. A switch hitter, he’s ability to make good contact from both sides of the plate and has shown gap power.

I’m sure there are a few other names that people will be “shocked” that I left off but these are the names that popped for me. Tomorrow when some of the names come strolling in I’ll try and have some scouting reports put up on what you can expect, though they probably won’t be the best around the blogosphere they’ll at least whet your appetite.