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Here are some more thoughts on other Mariner draftees…

Round 6

James Zamarripa wasn’t even on my list. The amount of information I have on this guy is next to none. I know that he has pretty good speed and is considered a good defender in center. He has good bat speed but is still very raw at the plate. He wasn’t on a lot of people’s radars and so this should be an interesting pick.

Round 7

Steven Proscia, is another University of Virginia. The only differences is he’s extremely raw. While the Mariners went with quick burners they seem to go with more projects now.He’s got good power and has solid tools. While he doesn’t have very good “latteral” movement according to quiet a few different sites. He is credited to being a hard worker and having quick hands so he should stay at third. He kind of reminds me of Alex Liddi with some of the talk about him.

Round 8

Carson Smith, I love the pick. He throws in the low 90s but at times has sat around 93 and touched 95. He gets a lot of ground balls and has run a FIP of 3.28 and a K/9 10.24. He has good “pitchability” and a power slider to go with a change-up. His 3/4 arms delivery is a little funky and he’s had shoulder issues before so some think he’s a reliever. But I think he could still be a solid middle of the rotation pitcher. Forget where he was drafted. I really, really like this pick.

Round 9

Cavan Cohoes could be a really solid under the radar pick. I like it. A military brat living in Germany not a lot of people saw him and there isn’t a lot on him. Here is some rough video on him fielding and hitting here. There is a good article on him here with further information. I tend to believe he could stick at short for the short term. He could be the most difficult sign behind Cron as he’s committed to Ohio State.


Round 10

Daniel Paolini, not the normal senior sign here. As Paolini was formerly a pitcher who had labrum surgery and converted to second base. He has big time power but it’s his only tool He’s mediocre in the field and being only 6 foot tall. He is a high risk/ high reward type guy. Should be interesting what comes from him.

Round 11

Cameron Hobson, LHSP and a draft eligible sophmore that can be nasty when he’s on and well… not when he’s off. He works 91-93 with his four seamer and has a good slider to go with it. He pounds the strike zone and gets good results for the most part. But he has some ground to make up. He was the Yankees 37th round pick back in 2009. This is a good pick with a possible ceiling of a middle rotation pitcher if he figures it out.

Round 12

Michael Dowd is a catcher with big time catching skills. He is a sure thing behind the plate. His arm is some type of human cyborg creation. It’s amazing.

Round 13

Jamal Austin, I like what I’ve read about Austin. He has good contact skills though I’d like to see him grow some patience at the plate. He only stands around 5’9 and has great speed which enable him to be a good defender in center.

Check back with more updates soon…