Mock Draft and Last Thoughts


Okay, yesterday there was no post and really there hasn’t been a TON of blogging the last week but this week we are going to over load your sensors with MLB Draft coverage. Afterwards we’ll turn out attention to a little review and preview the upcoming International Free Agency that is kicked off in July.

Just in case anyone is wonder we WILL be doing live coverage on the blog of both day one AND day two picks.  So if you want to know why Adrian Houser is a steal at 122 or who is Austin Slater. stayed tuned in here.

Looking back at my mock draft from last year I have to admit that I’m a little embarrassed with how it went. Only 6 of 32 (though 8 did go to the right teams just in the supplemental or second round) with my guess for the Mariners pick at 43 being WAY, way off. But then I realized that it’s just what happens and I really am not that certain that I’ll get even 6 correct here.

With the news that Rendon is possibly out of the picture for the Mariners it could significantly change the landscape of the table.

It will be extremely interesting.

1. Pirates – Gerrit Cole, RHP, UCLA

Still no change … reports are coming out … I’m pretty certain this is there pick.

2. Mariners – Francisco Lindor, SS – High School

According to multiple sources (originating with Jason Churchill) this is their pick. I’m slightly annoyed but he’s still a solid talent.

3. Arizona -Daniel Hultzen, LHP – Virginia

Not that slam dunk I once thought. But, I still think it’s their pick.

4. Baltimore – Dylan Bundy, RHP – High School

I love Bundy and if he gets to Baltimore this is what I think happens.

5. Kansas City – Bubba Starling, OF – High School

I get that they are all over college pitchers at this point. I get that. But I just can’t let go of Starling to the Royals. It’s like I NEED it to happen.

6. Washington – Trevor Bauer, RHP – UCLA

I don’t think that Rizzo makes this pick. He doesn’t like the size and the mechanics and such. But with Starling going to KC in this mock, Bauer is the best available pick outside of Rendon. Though I wouldn’t be surprised by any number of arms (Bradley, Barnes or Meyer).

7. Arizona* – Anthony Rendon, 3B – Rice

I don’t want to see him get past Arizona but it’s probably going to happen.

8. Cleveland – Sonny Gray, RHP – Vanderbilt

This is what I’ve gone with in the past a lot of people or saying the same thing. I look smart.

9. Cubs – Mikie Mahtook, OF – LSU

This just seems the popular thing to do. But just about anyone here wouldn’t surprise me to include Josh Bell.

10. Padres* -Matt Barnes, RHP – Connecticut

I’ve always thought a college pitcher fits here and I’m inclined to go with Barnes right now.

11. Astros – Archie Bradley, RHP, High School

If he’s here I really don’t believe he’ll fall any further than this.

12. Brewers – Taylor Jungmann, RHP – Texas

I just think this fits. Good upside but good signability.

13. Mets – Jed Bradley, LHP – Georgia

I just feel they have to go with a college pitcher here.

14. Marlins – Taylor Guerreri, RHP – High School

Best prep arm available. I know they are suppose to go the college route. I’ll believe it when I see it.

15. Brewers* – Javier Baez, SS – High School

A few people have suggested that this could be where the Brewers are leaning and I like it.

16. Dodgers – Jose Fernandez, RHP – High School

The Dodgers need Fernandez to be here so badly. It’s just a perfect marriage.

17. Angles – Robert Stephenson, RHP – High School

I want to predict that the Angles make the surprise of the draft and take Springer or Mahtook here but my conscious wouldn’t allow me to do that to Billy Beane.

18. Athletics – George Springer, OF – Connecticut

I can’t see the A’s passing on him.

19. Red Sox – Alex Meyer, RHP – Kentucky

I like going with teams that have previously drafted players. They know them and it’s just a move sure pick.

20. Rockies – CJ Cron, 1B – Utah

Cron is good. The bat is a plus.

21. Blue Jays – Levi Michael, SS – North Carolina

They want a college position player supposedly. Here you go.

22. Cardinals – Daniel Norris, LHP – High School

I always like how the Cardinals go after high ceiling players even if they have a price tag. One of the more under rated teams when it comes to drafting talent.

23. Nationals – Brian Goodwin, OF – Junior College

Meyer off the board at this point Goodwin is next in line.

24. Rays – Cory Spangenberg, 2B – Junior College

I’d think the padres take

25. Padres -Tyler Anderson, LHP – Oregon

They’ve been linked. Had him at 10 but there are better pitchers available and he should last to this point.

26. Red Sox – Josh Bell, OF – High School

I think they may take a catcher but word is they are targeting high schoolers with one of their two picks. This rumor won’t die.

27. Reds – John Stilson, RHP – Texas A&M

This just fits too well.

28. Braves – Henry Owens, LHP – High School

New SD likes lefties. Here is a high school lefty on the board.

29. Giants – Joe Ross, RHP – High School

Supposedly the Giants are in on a few different high school guys. Ross just seems to fit nicely.

30. Twins – Tyler Beede, RHP – High School

word is they like him, don’t like the price tag.

31. Rays – Matt Purke, LHP – TCU

I have no idea. I just pulled this out of no where. But he’s going to get drafted most likely still day one, and the Rays seem a good bet as anyone.

32. Rays – Kolten Wong, 2B – Hawaii

Good mix signability and talent.

33. Rangers – Brandon Nimmo, OF – High School

For bonus points I’ll call the Mariners pick at 62 to be Billy Flamion.


A few extra names that could squeak in.

Andrew Susac, C – Oregon State

Blake Swihart, C – High School

Josh Osich, LHP – Oregon

Derek Fisher, OF – High School

Dillon Howard, RHP – High School

Jackie Bradley Jr, OF – South Carolina

Michael Kelley, RHP – High School

Jason Esposito, 3B – Vanderbilt

Nick Delmonico, 3B – High School

Kyle Winkler, RHP – TCU


I really don’t know what to think about all the rumors with Lindor. I have something kind of typed up for tonight. But we’ll see what happens.

I keep hearing how bad Redon really is and then I keep hearing he isn’t that bad and then I hear that people say that’s just the Boras kool-aid. I don’t know what to believe at this point. My opinion is simple. I think that if Rendon wasn’t competing to win a Championship at the college level he wouldn’t have been playing for the first six-eight weeks to rest up and heal is shoulder. But he grinded it out and I give him props for that.

A shoulder injury, however is serious business, not just for pitchers but also for hitters. It’s been known to end careers in the minors and the thought of paying Rendon 6 -12 million dollars to see him never appear in a major league game makes my stomach sick.

If it turns out to be Lindor so be it. He’s still a premier athlete with amazing defense. One scouting report that I read calls him the “human highlight reel”.

You can never have enough premium players at premium defensive positions.


The word at 62 is that the Mariners are looking bat and to be spend. Which excites me and I hope to see a Fisher, Swihart or someone to that extent drop. Though I don’t expect it. There are going to be a lot of left over premium high school talents that drop. It’ll be exciting to know who is left on the board at day one. We’ll talk a lot about that towards the end of the night.