Anth..errr I mean Danny Hultzen, Welcome To Seattle


No one saw this coming. You crafty bunch of front office tycoons. I love our front office. We never know whats going to happen. It was fun and pretty crazy at the same time. There are going to be some fans that are disappointed with this pick but let me reassure you this isn’t a bad pick. In reality it was going to be hard for this to be a “bad” pick.

This isn’t a “sexy” “flashy” pick. Starling could have been that “salivating” pick where you dream about him for 2 or 3 years. But his bust rate is extremely high. Hultzen is the opposite of this. Where Hultzen could easily be in the minor leagues all of a year prior to being ready for this organization in the big leagues.

He has a different delivery at 3/4 arm slot. But, he’s no soft tosser. Sitting somewhere between 93-96 mph with his four seamer. He has two plus pitches in his fastball AND his change-up. His change-up at times can  be a few steps above wicked. I watched him pitch a week ago and very much enjoyed it. Though I didn’t realize what I was watching at that point.

His only pitch that isn’t a “plus” is his slider but it does have the potential. He also has a curve that comes and goes. Though he doesn’t throw it much.

He doesn’t have a giant high ceiling, maybe a #2 most likely a #3, but his floor is so very high. It’s a near certainty that he gets to the major leagues. I think it’s even a possibility he’s in the major leagues by end of year next year. Though 2013 is more likely. Which again is the real start of the playoff window for this organization.


Now (Future)

Fastball: 50 (55)

Slider 40 (50)

Change-up: 55 (60)

Mechanics: 45 (55)

Command: 50 (60)

Control: 55 (60)

ETA: End of 2012