Monthly Review: April


So I went ahead and made some custom spread sheets and listed key stats that I thought were important. Not just for the month but to put into context who they will continue to produce. Whether they are bound to improve or if they are playing over their head and going to get worse.

Then again there is the possibility of them just becoming better players… Don’t laugh too hard.

Stats/Analysis after the jump.


Justin Smoak8915.70%24.30%12.30%0.3210.2430.397-0.40.7
Adam Kennedy666.10%14.80%24.50%0.2940.1640.3311.10.4
Michael Saunders797.60%25.40%22%0.2830.1130.2772.40.3
Luis Rodriguez4214.30%20.60%21.40%0.2220.1730.306-0.70.1
Chris Gimenez2317.40%26.30%28.60%0.35700.316-0.70
Adam Moore6033.30%25.00%0.250.1670.21300
Chone Figgins1126.30%11.70%21.60%0.2310.0970.2491.10
Carlos Peguero11045.50%16.70%0.33300.1170.3-0.1
Miguel Olivo905.60%30.10%15%0.2760.0960.242-1-0.1
Jack Wilson676.00%13.30%15.40%0.2830.0330.269-1.7-0.1
Jack Cust10319.40%36.10%17%0.3020.0360.281-0.2
Milton Bradley9913.10%28.20%15%0.2540.1530.307-4.6-0.3
Ryan Langerhans5221.20%37.50%4%0.1820.2250.334-5.3-0.3
Brendan Ryan908.90%18.40%15.90%0.2220.0390.235-2.7-0.4
  • Just five position players finished with positive WAR.
  • Six different individuals posted an above average walk percentage.
  • From Michael Saunders stat line I can’t tell if he’s going to improve or get worse.
  • Not in the list is Ground Ball percentage (GB%) Jack Cust is fourth with 54.5% The difference between this season and last is that he’s hitting the ball into the ground at a ridiculous rate. Can you say Casey Kotchman?
  • Despite being 5th in pitchers seen per plate appereance, Chone Figgins has the third lowest walk percentage and the second lowest strikeout percentage. Just odd how that worked out.
  • What we’ve seen out of Miguel Olivo is pretty much Miguel Olivo.
  • We all need to hope one of Milton Bradley, Jack Wilson or Jack Cust gets better. Because at this rate we have no good trade chip going forward.
  • Justin Smoak has been good.
  • Adam Kennedy has been surprisingly good.
  • Brendan Ryan… not so much. I still like you Brendan Ryan. Just stop sucking.


David Pauley602.767.50%083.30%44.40%0.1332.974.130.2
Jamey Wright532.575.40%076.90%51.40%0.2372.263.180.4
Aaron Laffey602.44.70%082.40%58.70%0.2652.843.70.2
Michael Pineda1263.4512.10%076.50%30.90%0.2622.213.751.1
Brandon League431.645.40%060%42.90%0.2292.433.930.3
Doug Fister1582.955.70%2.30%76.60%47%0.3023.134.160.8
Felix Hernandez1942.458.30%5.40%62%50.70%0.3062.452.821.5
Jason Vargas1492.346.60%8.50%63.70%43.50%0.3153.813.910.5
Tom Wilhelmsen388.2213.10%11.10%68.50%39.10%0.3645.325.01-0.1
Erik Bedard1208.536.90%19.40%69.30%37.20%0.2966.364.47-0.4
Chris Ray322.848.10%14.30%36.80%53.80%0.4445.344.59-0.1
Josh Lueke363.8611.80%16.70%36.10%26.30%0.5245.344.4-0.1
  • Felix Hernandez is still Felix even if it seems like he hasn’t been “as good” he really is and he is staying in Seattle.  Suck it New York.
  • Eric Wedge needs to immediately stop using David Pauley and Aaron Laffey in high leverage situations. They aren’t bad, but their luck is sufficiently stretched beyond a comfortable limit.
  • This past month Jason Vargas has posted the highest Ground Ball rates that he’s ever posted. What does this mean? I’m not sure. But he continues to miss bats at an average rate and getting more swings at pitches outside the zone. He could be getting better.
  • As much as we all have disliked Chris Ray there are some positives in there that could lead to him being a halfway decent pitcher. A) Great Swinging Strike rate, B) low walk percentage, C) great ground ball percentage. He’s been hit hard so far this year. But with his swinging strike rate I don’t believe that will continue. He’s getting a ton of ground balls so I don’t think his HR/FB ratio will stick. He may still be useful. Let’s give him a little bit more of a leash. That said, I’m not using him in the 8th … or maybe even the 7th.
  • The scary thing about Jamey Wright is that his FIP/xFIP is 2.26/3.18. I don’t believe he can stay this good… but could he? Maybe.
  • Michael Pineda has been really good.
  • Doug Fister has been surprisingly good.
  • Josh Lueke and Tom Wilhelmsen surprisingly haven’t been good at all. I kind figured one of the two would surprise.
  • Despite Eric Bedard throwing an unbelieveable 25.2 IP he hasn’t been good. His last outing in Detroit was in encouraging but we’ll see if it’s legitimate improvement. I’d rather see that specific Erik Bedard than the one we saw the first three starts of the season.