Remember Me: I Could Be Of Value (Pitchers Edition)


I always find it fun to highlight guys that are not first round/first day picks. The guys that could give a little bang for the buck. These are the guys I have highlighted for my shadow draft. Guys that aren’t going to be there early and are looking at in Round 10 and beyond.

Most of these guys I have no idea about really outside of the stats that I dug up on College it’s one of the best sights out there for looking at real stats. While playing with it I drew some guys up that are drafted eligible have “dominated” this year.

– Starting Pitchers –

Kyle Hald – Senior – Old Dominion

Known more for his slider/curveball duo than his fastball that sits in the high 80s (87-89). But he’s struck out 78 in 64 innings this year.

Quintavious Drains – Junior – Jackson State

Named by Perfect Game as the best pitcher coming out of the SWAC.  10.11 K/9,  3.19 BB/9 and a 2.93 FIP. The guy hasn’t disappointed.

Charlie Lowell – LHP – Junior – Wichita State

I hear a few Barry Zito comps here. Low-90s fastball, big curve ball. Interesting guy but has been really inconsistent in his immaturity. I think it’s that curve that has helped him get 11.66 K/9 so far this year. He’s probably the one guy on this list that goes before the 10th round.

Tanner Peters – RHP – Junior – Nevada Las Vegas

Peter has scene a jump in his control and while he has scene a drop in strikeouts this year it’s still over 9 per 9 innings pitched. I suspect with the low FIP and low HR/9 pitching in a place like UNLV Peter works ground balls.

Cory Mazzoni – RHP – Junior – North Carolina State

Mazzoni is another guy not on a lot of lists and like many of these guys could fall to the later rounds (10th and beyond). His FIP, ERA and BABIP are all around the same and indicate that he really is what he is right now. He’s not under performing and not over performing. He misses bats at a tune of 9.77 k’s per 9 innings and has only walked 22 in 70 innings so far this year.

Corey Maines – RHP – Senior –  Illinois State

Maines has scene a huge jump in his overall numbers. According to the number’s he is only 6’1 and 190 lbs. So it’s not like he finally filled in so there maybe more to the fact that he’s 22 and pitching against more inexperienced hitters. But even with that it takes some talent to strike out over 76 hitters in 61 innings. It’s certainly not given to you. Which should play up his “pitchability”.

– Relief Pitchers –

Cody Martin – RHP  – Senior – Gonzaga

Martin has a good array of pitches. Fastball, Slider, Curveball and Change-up. He tops out in the low-90s and sits somewhere around 89-90. But he has the makings of a good hook and he could be a pretty decent middle reliever.

Caleb Reed –  RHP – Junior- Mississippi State

He has a little funky submarine pitching style which I believe has something to do with his 40k’s in 33 innings this year and runs a 2.37 FIP. His velocity is mid-high 80’s. I’m thinking that his advantage comes from his deceptive delivery. There is talk Reed could go somewhere before the 10th round.

Robbie Powell – RHP – Junior – Stetson

One report from last year said he had no real arm. I’m not thinking that he suddenly is amazing by any means. But he did take a step forward this year. He is still running a high FIP of 3.96 but the strikeouts 32 in 31 innings can’t be argued.

Matt Murray – RHP – Junior – Georgia Southern

Murray continues to take steps forward. I like the fastball and it seems like he’s picked up a few ticks and is sitting somewhere in the low-mid 90s. He also seems to have a good mix of pitches however I haven’t established what those are. He’s managed to further limit his walks as well as thrown up some good strikeout numbers.  I expect he could go as early as the 5th round but more likely to end up being 10+.

Tony Cingrani – LHP – Senior – Rice

Has the potential to be a late inning relief pitcher. He transferred from a Junior College last year and struggled a bit while in the rotation. Was moved to the bullpen this year and magic! 50k’s, 7BB and a FIP of 2.51 in 40 innings. I really like Cingrani and would love to see him against some better competition.

Matt Chaffee – LHP – Junior (RS) – Arizona

Chaffee has thrown out some big numbers out there so far this year. But I’m a bit hestitent about how much use he’s going to get after basically two years off due to injuries. I hope they limit how much they use him out of the bullpen. He has sat around 90-92 this year and has looked very good. He also had a tremendous fall league as well.