Random Thoughts: Lawn Mowing Edition


I was going to write this big long article on run values and middle of the order non-sense. I’m kind of bothered by all the crap going on about the Mariners their lack of “middle-of-the-order” bats. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see some home runs. But for someone to make a comment such as “didn’t think that his team had a true No. 4 hitter” and act as if everyone will be shocked by it is annoying.

Wow, are you saying that 3 different hitters with OPS’s under .800 aren’t what you would want in a #4 hitter? Seriously?

Anyways, putting aside the sarcasm I spent well over an hour mowing the lawn and as I did so I rocked out to my normal mp3 playlist. Now with all these things going on, you would think that would satisify my mind, but no. Mr. multi tasker here also got on the a few different thought lines too here they are….

  • Prince Fielder. This is an epic thought and you know the debate is going to get really hot and heavy come August and possibly sooner with the Mariners rolling quickly down hill. Should we sign him? Is he worth a 7 year/160 million dollar contract? Goodness gracious is this going to be a  crazy summer.
  • The Mariners have of course natural connections with Fielder. But then again they do have a strong connection with players with professional blood lines. It was a joke that was brought up when they signed Vladimiar Guerrero’s nephew and continued when they signed Felix’s brother.
  • It makes me wonder if they have Dante Bichette Jr highlighted in the draft. He could very well drop to the late stages of round 3 early 4 which is where the Mariners have 2 picks (122 and 124) (that extra pick is of course for failing to sign Ryne Stanek). He would be an interesting grab there…
  • It’s weird thought but an interesting one. I don’t know if Bichette sticks at third long term but judging from the game I saw and a few videos I think his arm rates around 45-50 and could possibly play a corner field spot. But his bat rates pretty high with his standout tool being his power.
  • Another interesting tidbit was that Tom McNamara was the guy who was the key scout on Prince Fielder. He knows a lot about scouting and drafting young high school talent. Which interesting enough the Mariners have drafted 3 high schoolers out of 4 first round picks they’ve had while under McNamara.
  • Speaking of awesome hitters, Rich Poythress has an OPS of .917. Oh, he also is hitting .190.
  • I really like Rich Poythress…
  • Cheers is now streaming on netflix. This pretty much made my weekend.
  • If the problems with Felix continue which is the more likely outcome, the trade Felix crowd gets louder or the OMGosh we will always suck crowd gets louder. I actually see more and more people hoping on the trade Felix train but I guess we’ll just have to wait this one out.
  • Was Lawnmower man about a guy who owned a Lawnmower?
  • How are there two separate fan bases that adore Edgar, hate Griffey and AROD for leaving and yet fight over whether we should keep/trade Ichiro? This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I’m sure they have their reasons but it still doesn’t resonate with me.

Last thoughts…

  • I’m going to see the Jackson Generals this week and I don’t really know what I’m excited to see. Obviously any amount of time watching Poythress hit will totally and completely make my … well month or maybe even year.
  • But.. outside of that maybe Chavez? I’m kind of disappointed with the Prospect crop there. I had hopes for both Jimmy Gillheeney being there because he’s a prospect enigma and there was an outside chance that Nick Franklin was going to be there.
  • I’m still interested to see the changes in Triunfel’s swing. I’d like to see Kyle Seager defensively. I’m already sold on Tenbrink being a major leaguer in some capacity and in my mind he’s a regular. The pitching staff while having a few guys on it is a bit of a disappointment. The highlights are Erasmo Ramirez and Anthony Vasquez and the chances of me catching both are slim at best
  • Alright I immediately take that back… I just looked at the roster and I’m sure a few guys will just kind laugh it off as it’s a “crowism” (as they call it at work) but I’m really hoping to catch Steve Hensley. I’ve always liked him and thought he was a better pitcher than most gave him credit for. I hope to see him pitch in person