Seriously, it’s been 9 games.


I don’t claim to have the ability to tell the future. If I did I would be running those telemarketer ads like Mrs. Cleo or trying to go all David Blaine street magic on you all. But, What I am is a blogger. Someone with an opinion just like all of you.

My opinion doesn’t carry much weight, I’m just lucky enough to have an outlet in which to voice it and I appreciate those of you that read it (all 25 of you and my mom. HI MOM!). I’m not above anyone just because I have an outlet.

But in saying all that let me proverbially slap all of you stupid Mariner fans in the face that are whiningover this losing streak. Shut up! Back away from the edge! Put down the razor! Step down from the noose.

It’s been 9 freakin’ games. Settle yourselves down. You are all over reacting. God help us if we ever have the talent that the Boston Red Sox have and start like they did. You will see rioting and looting in the streets. It’s crazyness and it has to stop.

61 of the 91 voters before the season started thought that the Mariners would win 70-79 games. Furthermore, 12 of you thought that they would loose more than 60 games. It’s a rough determination but roughly 80% of you fans that this team was going to post a losing record. Well guess what. YOU WERE RIGHT!

But, what you all are forgetting is this season isn’t about wins/losses (well maybe to Jack Zdurencik it is but more on that some other time). The season is about development. This is about Pineda becoming a major league pitcher, Smoak becoming a middle-of-the-order threat, Saunders finally growing into an every day player.

Don’t get caught up in the fact that Chone Figgins just had his first walk of the season yesterday. The guy is still seeing next to the second most pitches (4.38 P/PA) on the team for the season. He’s going to walk. He’s hitting line drives at his career normal rate (20%) but again his BABIP is sitting extremely low (.129). He’s a guy with speed that normally posts an above average BABIP. Yes, last year it sucked. But he had a horrible time about making contact. This year hasn’t been the case. He’s just been extremely unlucky.

For all those complaining about Jack Cust.


Look at the numbers. He is what he is. If you didn’t know he stuck out a lot before the season started well.. SURPRISE! He strikes out a lot. Sometimes it comes during inopportune times. But when he gets a hold of a pitch he’ll knock the cover off it.

Saunders has had good at bats. Langerhans despite being strike out prone obviously had some solid moments.

And for all you Brenden Ryan bashers out there. The guy has been PURE GOLD. In the last three years we’ve had a combination of Yuniesky Bentacourt, Ronny Cedeno, Jack Wilson, Matt Tuiasosopo and Josh Wilson. Ryan has been better than ALL of them. Enjoy him.  I can’t wait to see the first of the TZ, UZR reports. He’s one of (if not the best) defensive short stop in the game right now. Appreciate that Seattle.

Oh and Ryan’s been knocking the cover off the ball (line drives 22%). I know roll your eyes. Just because he has a .143 batting average. But he has been a complete waste at the plate and he’s worked 3 walks. Mariner shortstops worked a combined 1 walk between April 2009 and 2010.

I know I’m leaning a lot on line drives and walks this year. But it’s because we are knocking the crap out of the ball and putting a few guys on base and the opposition just keeps catching the ball and leaving men on base. That is not normal.

Last year they came in 24th in Line drives. They didn’t hit the ball well at all last year and that was obvious. But because we aren’t scoring runs again this year everyone assumes it’s the same story. But it’s not! Mariners have it the ball the THIRD hardest in the league!

As for the pitching department which has been okay. Did you know that the opposition is only leaving 58% of runners on base at the end of an inning? That’s 20 points below league average and worst in the American League. That’s unlucky. There is no way to control it. More or less it’s pure, dumb, luck.

I’m not trying to play reverse chicken little here. I’m not trying to say that the sky isn’t falling. This team isn’t good. But we knew that before hand. We still do have a few solid guys on this team and they haven’t played horrible outside of the huge 10 run 4th inning.

They were just a few bad bounces from coming away from that road trip 4-2 and the Mariners really could have won the game Fister pitched. That would be a 5 – 4 record and people talking about how good we could be if guys started hitting.

But instead we ended up 2 – 7 and people acting like the sky is falling. Stop it. It’s a bad start. The team could turn it around or maybe not. Maybe we get a shot at one of Kevin Gausman or Austin Maddox in 2012.

The only point I’m really trying to make is give it a month before you just absloutely freak out and flush the rest of the 2011 season down the drain.