6-Game Losing Streaks And Such


No one promised that this season wasn’t going to have it’s low points. It’s really too bad that The Mariners have started out slow at the beginning of the season. But, we all knew that this team had it’s issues and we aren’t surprised that they aren’t keeping up with huge scoring juggernauts of the league. But there are things that just cannot be taken into affect.

I’m not making excuses for any of them. I’m as disappointed with the guys as anyone else. Getting a runner (Figgins) into scoring position in multiple innings and not only failing to score but failing to make contact drive us fans crazy, and I’m sure that it drives the guys in the dug out crazy.

But there was a lot of issues to account for that just aren’t fair to hang on the Mariner hitters. Such as the strike zone given to Justin Masterson. IT WAS HUGE! I’m not going to hang this game on home plate umpire Greg Gibson and I don’t usually sit and complain about an umpires strike zone but the fact of the matter is that his calls were horrendous and inconsistent all game and it affected our hitters to a great degree.

Not only that but there were multiple line drives that were hit and just were caught. It was about positioning and it wasn’t about how well our guys hit it. I hate to continue to scream up and down it’s about luck. But it is.

Baseball seems chaotic because it partially is chaotic. There is certainly a lot of skill and hard work that goes into the game and it goes into making guys successful. But, then again there are guys that have careers that never took off and you don’t even understand why.

It sucks to lose games. It sucks more to lose multiple games in a row. It sucks most of all to not win the home opener. But, be patient.

The guys are hitting the ball hard, taking bad pitches and despite the bad the horrible throwing decision by Bradley, playing really good defense. If Greg Gibson wasn’t smoaking smoking heavy amounts of crack cocaine while umpiring this game and a few of those line drives hit the ground, tonight could have gone in a very, very different direction.