2-4, Game Notes


This wasn’t exactly the type of series we’ll want to be thinking about for too long, so I’ll do my best to keep this brief, and we can move on from the shame.

  • Felix was good, our defense was not. Yes, the two Jack Wilson errors were ugly, and may or may not have cost us this game, but it’s not something that requires too much worry or analysis. Jack Wilson has played his entire career at shortstop, and he is 6 regular season games deep in a completely new position. While the spectacular double play the other night may have given the impression that he’s already adjusted, don’t be fooled. These things take time.
  • Despite getting swept by an excellent team at their ballpark, this is an offense that doesn’t look nearly as hopeless as it did in 2010, Chone Figgins being the main exception. Jack Wilson is hitting the ball hard, Brendan Ryan is hitting the ball hard, Milton Bradley has looked good, Jack Cust is drawing walks, and even Luis Rodriguez is managing to contribute. The team as a whole might not look that impressive yet, but with Guti back, Chone Figgins’ bloops going about 10 feet farther, and a little bit of positive regression in high leverage offensive situations, things might looks a whole lot better.

On the bright side, we’re done with Texas for now, and head home to face a very bad Cleveland Indians team on Friday!