M’s win another opening day game


It’s hard to argue with the result from last night, with the Mariners winning 6-2. Here are my thoughts about the game:

  • Oakland played a really sloppy game. 5 errors? The M’s aren’t going to be given gifts like that on a regular basis and will need to be able to score with the other team giving them so many breaks.
  • The Mariner’s left a lot of runners on base, a trend that was present last year, and I expect will be continue throughout the year.
  • It took the M’s way too long to score in this game. Felix had to have that “here we go again” feeling as he was pitching great and yet it looked like he was going to not get any run support.
  • The M’s defense is pretty dang good, even without Franklin Gutierrez, who is on the DL, in centerfield. They’re going to make some pretty average pitchers (like Doug Fister) look good at times throughout the season.
  • The umpire from last night had a really large and inconsistant strike zone. Those 2 strikeouts in the first inning weren’t even close, and Felix didn’t get those calls, not that he needed them.
  • The M’s are on pace for 162 wins, and Chone Figgins is on pace to hit 162 home runs. (I love extrapolating opening days results)

*On a programming note: This week’s SodoCast won’t be posted until Monday. I’m visiting family with weekend and don’t have my audio editing software to get it all finished.