Roster Update: Week 5


A lot has happened, and it’s pretty safe to say that the roster seems fairly close to set. The only questions seem to be in the outfield where Gutierrez isn’t healthy and in the bullpen.

Jose Flores being returned to the Indians (thus ends perhaps the worst Rule 5 experiment ever) leave 38 players on the 40-man roster. I suspect, as does Geoff Baker that the M’s will keep 5 non-roster players, so there are likely still 3 roster spots needed.

The roster is really starting to come together, as more and more players are being send down to minor league camp. There were a few surprises, but mostly it’s been fairly predictable. The real tough choices are yet to be made.

Outfield: 5 Roster spots available

LocksIchiro, Bradley
On the bubbleGutierrez, Saunders, Langerhans,
Work left to doWilson
OutGerut (retired), Peguero, Chavez, Halman, Gross (released),
Comments: It would appear that outfield roster is set. The only question remains whether Franklin Gutierrez will be on the DL or not. Wilson isn’t on the roster, and only makes the team if Langerhans gets hurt, someone else lands on the 60-day DL.

Infield: 5 Roster spots available

LocksSmoak, Ryan, Jack Wilson, Figgins
On the bubbleKennedy
Work left to doTuiasosopo, Mangini, Josh Wilson, Rodriquez,
OutLiddi, Carp, Ackley, Kazmar
Comments: Infield, after being the toughest battle to handicap all spring seems like it was done before spring even started with the 5 players listed as locks or on the bubble from the beginning making the team. The only questions left here are if Tui or Josh Wilson either a) make the team because Gutierrez is on the DL, or b) get cut to make room for Kennedy and the other NRI players.

Catcher/DH: 3 Roster spots available

LocksCust, Olivo, Moore
On the bubbleBard
Work left to doGimenez
Comments:  Olivo seem like he’ll be healthy for opening day. I moved Moore up simply because there are too man NRI players already needing roster spots for the team to try and come up with another one for Bard. Plus, Moore has looked more like a MLB player this spring then we could have expected. Perhaps he’s finally turned the corner. Gimenez has a shot to be utility player for the M’s, especially if Guti starts on the DL, though I expect the team to keep a player already on the roster like Josh Wilson or Tui.

Rotation: 5 Roster spots available

LocksFelix, Vargas, Fister, Bedard, Pineda
On the bubble
Work left to doFrench
OutPaxton, Beavan, Robertson (elbow), Pauley
Comments: I think it’s safe to say the roster is set. French is the team’s fall-back in case of injury, but that’s it. Everyone else is ready to go.

Bullpen: 7 Roster spots available

LocksLeague, Laffey, Lueke,
On the bubbleRay, Wright, Ring, Pauley
Work left to doJimenez,  Miller, Wilhelmsen, Aardsma(DL likely),
OutKelley (60 day DL), Olson (waived), Paredes, Smith, Robles, Medina, Petit, Roe, Seddon, Delcarmen, Bautista, Haeger, Cortez, Flores, Castro,
Comments: It looks like the bullpen is just about set as well. The 7 players listed as locks and on the bubble are almost certain to be the bullpen. For all the talk about Wilhelmsen making the team he really only figures in if the M’s can’t find a roster spot for Wright, but I doubt that’ll be a problem. He really should be in Jackson learning to be a starter.