76-100: The Wait’s Over, It’s Here.


Normal disclaimer:

I’m here only to make people aware of these players. Guys that can potentially one day make an impact on the Seattle organization. Further more this is based off my own unprofessional opinion. If you have a problem with these rankings and feel you can present a case where one player deserves to be ranked over another go right ahead. I’ll listen.

I’m still rather green to this whole process and I would love some feed back. I do this as a means for us fans to track the progress of some of the more important names in the organization.

with that … here it is.

76Daniel Carroll22OF2007 Draft (3)(A) High Desert
77Francisco Valdivia19RHRPIFAArizona League
78Ben Versnik22RHRP(38) Draft 2010(low A) Clinton
79Stefen Romero223B(12) Draft 2010(low A) Clinton
80Alexis Palma18OFIFAArizona League
81Scott Savastano241b/lf(28) Draft 2008(AAA) Tacoma
82Fray Martinez21RHRPIFA(A) High Desert
83Matthew Bischoff23RHSP(20) Draft 2010(low A) Clinton
84Stephen Landazuri19RHSPDraft 2010(Short Season) Pulaski
85Brandon Haveman24cf(29) Draft 2009(AA) Jackson
86Jonathan Hesketh24LHRP(20) Draft 2009(AA) Jackson
87Evan Sharpley243b/1b(50) Draft 2009(low A) Clinton
88Derrick Saito23LHRPTrade (royals)(A) High Desert
89Edlando Seco22LHSPIFA(low A) Clinton
90Tim Boyce24RHSP(44) Draft 2010(low A) Clinton
91Osmel Morales18RHSPIFAVESL
92Jandy Sena21RHSP(23) Draft 2010(Short Season) Everett
93Preston Vancil24RHRPUndrafted FA(low A) Clinton
94Kenn Kasparek25RHSP(12) Draft 2008(AA) Jackson
95Daniel Mata17RHSPIFAVESL
96Yao Wen Chang20RHSPIFA(Short Season) Everett
97Jorge Agudelo212BIFA(low A) Clinton
98Robert Anston22OF(23) Draft 2010(low A) Clinton
99Denny Almonte22OF(2) Draft 2007(A) High Desert
100Miguel Brito183b/1bIFAVESL

A Few Thoughts:

  • The last 10 spots changed emensely in the last 3 hours prior to posting this. I can’t believe how many guys I had forgotten and had to try to squeeze on to this (Romero, Saito, Landazuri, Seco) and some just didn’t make the list.
  • I really haven’t ever expended on these rankings before but the thing is that these names are perhapes the most unfamilar of any of the previous names so let me high light a few interesting ones.
  • Alexy Palma, and Daniel Mata are both good names to remember for the coming years. They have yet to hit stateside and look to be potential impact type players.
  • Francisco “Jose” Valdivia was a top IFA signee from 2008. But he fell off the radar after having Tommy John surgery in 2010. I expect good things from him this year and should be another top-end guy coming from the Internation Free Agency. I expect him to be in the top-50 next year at this time.
  • Last IFA I’ll high light is #100 himself Miguel Brito. Brito was part of the 2009 IFA haul. However, according to Prospect Insider there are some various concerns with his age descripiences. Assuming he is 18, he is a great value to the organization.
  • Ben Versnik, could be a solid name to remember for the coming years. He was drafted last year out of a junior college in and stands a large 6’3 240 lbs throwing right-handed heat that sits in the low to mid 90’s and carries heavy sink. Not a lot of information on his secondary pitches but just that they need work.
  • One of the most under rated bats in all of the Top-100, in my opinion, is Scott Savastano. I never hear much about him but I had the priviledge of meeting him and having a solid 20-minute talk with him prior to the West Tennessee/Montgomery game last year. Awesome guy and an interesting bat too. I’m sure most people will say doesn’t hit for enough power/doesn’t walk enough. He’s the type of guy that doesn’t have one tremendous tool but does a lot of things well and he gets looked over a lot in our system.
  • Derrick Saito is another guy who had arm troubles last year. Fell below the radar. I’m not so sure on him being anything tremendous but he has potential and there was some talk last year about him possibly starting. He’s on my watch list for the 2011 season.