Remember Me: Noe Ramirez


Along with Pratt Maynard, another guy I have has been on this season is Cal State Fullerton’s Noe Ramirez. Ramirez has quietly put together a stunning season this year and in line to be even better than his 2010, which was very good by itself. Take a look at the table below.


A lot of mock drafts have him dropping into the high 60’s – low 70’s and some even lower than that.  Should he fall and be overlooked this guy is someone I would love to see the Mariners bring into the system.

He’s 6’3 listed 180 and I believe the frame still has a bit of projection left.  He only sits 88-91 mph on his fastball, supposedly touching as high as 92 and 93. I believe and think scouts tend to pass him over because of his lack of velocity. But, despite the velocity I’ve read multiple places what helps his fastball is the movement and aided greatly by the deception in his delivery.

He complements the fastball by way of a “very good” change-up. I’ve seen “very good” associated with it on three different sites. But not the word plus. I don’t know what the difference is but what is important is that he already has a working change-up. Something a lot of pitchers have to work on coming into professional baseball.

His out pitch is a hard sweeping slider that ranges in the 77-79 mph range.

According to Baseball America he throws “tons of strikes” and isn’t affraid challenging hitters despite his velocity. Interesting enough Gerritt Cole actually credits Noe Ramirez with the adjustments in his change-up grip.

I tend to believe he’ll be picked before the 50th pick. But that’s just me. I like him a lot and I would absloutely love for the Mariners pick him up. But remember the name for day 2 of the draft, should he drop very far (out of the top-100) I’ll be screaming for the Mariners to pick him up.