Updated Roster Breakdown


It’s been an interesting week, and a lot has happened. Let jump right to how everything looks Also, If you think I’m reading thing incorrectly, or if I’ve missed something, or that I’m just crazy, I’d love to hear your thoughts on things.

Outfield: 5 Roster spots available

LocksIchiro, Gutierrez
On the bubbleSaunders, Bradley
Work left to doGross, Langerhans, Wilson, Halman, Peguero, Chavez
OutGerut (retired)
Comments: Gerut’s sudden retirement opens the door for the 5th outfield spot. While I still believe that Saunders and Bradley will both make the team, and that the 5th spot could go to someone like Tui or Carp who can also play the infield. Still, there is now an increasing chance for someone like Wilson to finally get a shot.

Infield: 5 Roster spots available

LocksSmoak, Ryan, Jack Wilson, Figgins
On the bubbleKennedy
Work left to doLiddi, Tuiasosopo, Mangini, Josh Wilson, Carp, Kazmar, Rodriquez, Ackley
Comments: This is still a tough battle to handicap. I move Ackley down as I think he starts in AAA for service time reasons. I’m starting to like the idea of Kazmar finding a spot on the bench, but it’s way too early to tell.

Catcher/DH: 3 Roster spots available

LocksCust, Olivo
On the bubbleMoore, Bard
Work left to doBaron, Gimenez
Comments:  Olivo’s injury definitely confuses things, and I think it makes it tougher for Gimenez to get a shot. He Olivo starts on the DL, the M’s wont want to create 2 roster spots for catchers in order to start Moore in AAA, so Moore will likely get a roster spot. I also think that with Moore as the main catcher to start the year, that Bard would make the team in order to provide a veteran presence.

Rotation: 5 Roster spots available

LocksFelix, Vargus, Fister
On the bubbleBedard, French, Pauley, Robertson
Work left to doBeavan, Pineda
Comments: Bedard is starting to make a believer out of me, but there’s a long way till opening day. French had a good outing, and I’d have to say he’s my front runner for the 5th spot, though there’s indication that Robertson will be given every chance to make the roster. I also moved Pineda down. I just don’t see the team ricking super 2 status with him whem there’s other options. Paxton is now in camp, but he wont make the team.

Bullpen: 7 Roster spots available

On the bubbleAardsma, Robles, Lueke, Ray, Delcarmen, Cortez
Work left to doOlson, Jimenez, Wright, Bautista, Haeger, Miller, Petit, Smith, Roe, Flores, Wilhelmsen, Medina, Seddon, Castro, Paredes, Ring
OutKelley (60 day DL)
Comments: Very little is set here. I moved Cortez down after being very shaky and nervous. Kelly is now out after being placed on the 60 day DL. Lots of work to be done before this shakes out.