And the Changes Start


Well, we knew Jack Zduriencik wasn’t just going to sit there forever while this team continued to prove that it had serious issues, and we were right. News just broke that some moves have been made – Eric Byrnes has been DFA’d, Matt Tuiasosopo has been optioned to Tacoma, Josh Wilson has been recalled from Tacoma, and Ryan Langerhans has been recalled from Tacoma. These are sensible moves, and this is a good start.

While I kind of like Byrnes, he’s looked just awful in his time here, and it’s no surprise that he’s the first one to get the boot. However, there are others I would have preferred to see cut, and I’m left to wonder what lineup we’ll be putting out there against lefties. Matt Tuiasosopo is a good young player, but he really has no place on this team right now, due to his inability to play defense. We’ll probably see him again at some point, but I doubt it will be before September.

Josh Wilson isn’t a very good player, but he’s been hitting well down in Tacoma, and he’s certainly a much more suitable backup infielder than Tui. I really want Jack Hannahan back. And lastly, I’m very happy to see Ryan Langerhans back. I, as well as a whole lot of other people, have been lobbying for his return all month, because he  gives us a left handed pinch hitting option that isn’t Griffey, as well as playing solid defense. He’ll also, potentially, take starts away from Griffey, as they can stick him in left against righties, allowing Milton Bradley to DH. This is a good thing. He doesn’t hit lefties very well, though, and with Byrnes gone I have a feeling this just means more Mike Sweeney.

For the most part, I’m happy with these moves – I really am. But this isn’t anything more than a good start – the lineup still needs to be adjusted, the 76 year old DH platoon still needs to be thrown out, and Rob Johnson still needs to learn how to catch a baseball. No, we’re far from done fixing this team’s problems, but kudos to Jack & crew for not continuing to sit idly by.