Bullet Points


Because there’s nothing else to do, I’m going to be cynical today.

  • For a show with awful plot lapses, horrible acting, and the one redeeming quality of awesome singing, Glee is a pretty fun show to watch.  I keep finding myself not wanting to watch it for logical reasons, but it ends up entertaining me every time.  Now back to baseball.
  • Jason Vargas was fairly sharp today.  He threw about 60% of his pitches for strikes, got six ground-ball outs compared to only one fly-ball out, and got 4 swinging strikes.
  • Dustin Ackley has the tools to be a really, really good defender.  Even with very limited experience at second base, he looked no worse than Jose Lopez on any given day.
  • Steven Shell is the new Denny Stark.
  • The Mariners grounded out a lot more than they flew out.  14 of the former and 3 of the latter.  Too bad it probably doesn’t matter.
  • I changed my mind.  Jason Vargas looks like a better candidate for the fifth spot in the rotation than Nick Hill.  I’m officially jumping on the Vargas bandwagon.
  • I like how you can tie in Spring Training.  It’s like soccer, except you’re hitting a ball with a wooden bat instead of with your foot.  And the ball is small and hard instead of big and bouncy.  And there aren’t any goals.  But other than that, it’s like soccer.